Program in Detail

Plenary Lecture
Memorial Lecture 08:10-09:10 Auditorium (3F)
Chair Jae Jeong Shim (Korea University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
08:10-08:40 PL02-1 [Michiyoshi Harasawa]
Chronic lung diseases: COPD and bronchiectasis
    Chong-Jen Yu (National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taiwan)
08:40-09:10 PL02-2 [Ann Janet Woolcock]
Why Improve the Management of Chronic Cough in Children Through Clinical Care and Research?
    Anne Chang (Menzies School of Health Research, Australia)


Assembly Symposium
Symposium 17 09:20-10:50 Auditorium (3F)
COPD - Microbiome/Infection
Chairs Richard Russell (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Sang-Do Lee (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:20-09:50 S17-1 Up-To-Date Research of Microbiome in COPD and Clinical Implication
    Don Sin (University of British Columbia, St. Paul Hospital, Canada)
09:50-10:20 S17-2 Who Needs ICS in COPD
    Richard Russell (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
10:20-10:50 S17-3 BCO (Bronchiectasis COPD Overlap): Severe Phenotype or Simple Comorbidity?
    Ji Ye Jung (Yonsei University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 18 09:20-10:50 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Tuberculosis - Towards TB Elimination Post-Pandemic Era in APSR Members' Countries
Chairs Jennifer Ann Wi (Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital, Philippines)
Tae Sun Shim (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:20-09:50 S18-1 Experience Sharing from High Burden Country: Challenges and Strategies
    Erlina Burhan (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
09:50-10:20 S18-2 Lessons Learned from Intermediate Burden Countries: Success Story of Each Country 1
    Seiya Kato (The Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan)
10:20-10:50 S18-3 Lessons Learned from Intermediate Burden Countries: Success Story of Each Country 2
    Hee Jin Kim (Korean National Tuberculosis Association, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 19 09:20-10:50 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Paediatric Lung Disease - Rare but Becoming Prevalent Pediatric Chronic Lung Disease
Chairs Anne Goh Eng Neo (KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore)
Soo-Jong Hong (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:20-09:50 S19-1 What Should We Focus on Managing Children with Non-CF Bronchiectasis?
    Anne Goh Eng Neo (KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore)
09:50-10:20 S19-2 Measures to Prevent Bronchopulmonay Dysplasia in Premature Neonates
    Tsu F. Yeh (Taipei Medical University, Taiwan)
10:20-10:50 S19-3 Still Ongoing Issues of Pediatric Humidifier Disinfectant-Related Lung Injury
    Soo-Jong Hong (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 20 09:20-10:40 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Lung Cancer - Pro/Con: Sequential Treatment for Advanced EGFR M(+) NSCLC
Chair Kwun Fong (The University of Queensland, Australia)
09:20-09:25   Introduction & Voting
09:25-09:45 S20-1 Pro: Sequential Treatment for Advanced EGFR M(+) NSCLC
    Jeong Eun Lee (Chungnam National University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:45-10:05 S20-2 Con: Sequential Treatment for Advanced EGFR M(+) NSCLC
    Diana Yuwung Yeh (School of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)
10:05-10:20   Comment 
10:20-10:35   Q&A
10:35-10:40   Voting & Closing


Symposium 21 11:10-12:40 Auditorium (3F)
Asthma - Meet the Professor
Chair Yong Chul Lee (Chonbuk National University Medical School, Republic of Korea)
11:10-12:40 S21-1 Management of T2-Low Asthma
    Parameswaran Nair (McMaster University, Canada)


Symposium 22 11:10-12:40 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Clinical Respiratory Medicine - Lung Aging and Chronic Lung Diseases
Chairs David A. Schwartz (University of Colorado School of Medicine, U.S.A.)
Man Pyo Chung (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
11:10-11:40 S22-1 Physiologic and Structural Consideration in the Aging Lung
    Won-Il Choi (Myongji Hospital, Republic of Korea)
11:40-12:10 S22-2 An Airway Centric View of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
    David A. Schwartz (University of Colorado School of Medicine, U.S.A.)
12:10-12:40 S22-3 Similarity Dissimilarity between Aging and ILD/IPF (or Chronic Lung Diseases)
    Yasuhiro Kondoh (Tosei General Hospital, Japan)


Symposium 23 11:10-12:40 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Respiratory Structure and Function - Physiologic Phenotype of Respiratory Disease
Chairs Martijn A. Spruit (Maastricht University Medical Center, Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Seong Yong Lim (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
11:10-11:40 S23-1 The Role of the Physiome: Physiologic Phenotyping and Treatable Traits in Pulmonary Disease
    Martijn A. Spruit (Maastricht University Medical Center, Kingdom of the Netherlands)
11:40-12:10 S23-2 Challenging Spirometry: Newer Lung Function Test Other than FEV1
    David G. Chapman (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
12:10-12:40 S23-3 States of Art: Recent Update of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Seung Won Ra (Ulsan University Hospital, Republic of Korea)


JRS Symposium 11:10-12:10 ASEM Ballroom 202 + 203 (2F)
11:10-11:40 JRS-1 Challenge to overcome drug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer (Video Recording)
    Kazuhisa Takahashi (Juntendo University, Japan)
11:40-12:10 JRS-2 Role of airway mucus hypersecretion in the pathogenesis of COPD: implications for therapy
(Video Recording)
    Takeshi Kaneko (Yokohama City University, Japan)


Symposium 24 14:00-15:20 Auditorium (3F)
COPD - Pro/Con: Application of Bioinformatic Artificial Intelligence to Current Clinical Practice in the Management of COPD
Chair Alejandro A Pezzulo (University of Iowa, U.S.A.)
14:00-14:05   Introduction & Voting
14:05-14:25 S24-1 Pro: Application of Bioinformatic Artificial Intelligence to Current Clinical Practice in the Management of COPD
    Chin Kook Rhee (The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:25-14:45 S24-2 Con: Application of Bioinformatic Artificial Intelligence to Current Clinical Practice in the Management of COPD
    Konstantinos Kostikas (University of Ioannina, Greece)
14:45-15:00   Comment 
15:00-15:15   Q&A
15:15-15:20   Voting & Closing


Symposium 25 14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculous) - Updated Clinical Approach in Respiratory Infection
Chairs Chieh-Liang Wu (Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
Jae Hwa Cho (Yonsei University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:30 S25-1 Treatment of miscellaneous pulmonary infections: actinomycosis and cryptococcosis
    Hyun Lee (Hanyang University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:30-15:00 S25-2 Recent Advances in the Aspiration Pneumonia
    Chieh-Liang Wu (Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
15:00-15:30 S25-3 Advances in the Management of Fungal Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients
    Jin-won Huh (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 26 14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Critical Care Medicine - Meet the Professor
Chair Sang Bum Hong (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:40 S26-1 ARDS, Beyond & Next
    Carolyn S. Calfee (University of California, San Francisco, U.S.A.)
14:40-15:30 Discussion  


Symposium 27 15:50-17:20 Auditorium (3F)
Interstitial Lung Disease - Interstitial Lung Abnormalities: State of the Art
Chairs Grace H. Kim (UCLA, U.S.A.)
Jin Woo Song (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-16:20 S27-1 ILA: Natural Course and Clinical Implication
    Takeshi Johkoh (Kansai Rosai Hospital, Japan)
16:20-16:50 S27-2 Evaluation of ILA by Automatic Quantification System
    Grace H. Kim (UCLA, U.S.A.)
16:50-17:20 S27-3 ILA in Asian Population
    Gong Yong Jin (Jeonbuk National University, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 28 15:50-17:20 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology - The Past, Present, and Future of Occupational Health Surveillance
Chairs Martie Van Tongeren (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Woo Jin Kim (Kangwon National University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-16:20 S28-1 UK Occupational and Environmental Surveillance Program
    Martie Van Tongeren (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
16:20-16:50 S28-2 A Surveillance of Nanoparticle Exposured Workers and Their Respiratory Function, Japan Experience
    Akira Ogami (University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan)
16:50-17:20 S28-3 Hospital Based Nation-Wide Survillance of Asbestos Related Diseases in Korea
    Jun-Pyo Myong (The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Symposium 29 15:50-17:20 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Clinical Allergy & Immunology - Advances in Clinical Allergy and Immunology
Chairs Koichiro Asano (Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan)
Chang-Keung Kim (Inje University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-16:20 S29-1 The Effect of Tezepelumab in Asthma
    Asger Sverrild (University Hospital Bispebjerg, Denmark)
16:20-16:50 S29-2 Diagnosis and Treatment of ABPA
    Koichiro Asano (Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan)
16:50-17:20 S29-3 Treatment of Biologics in Comorbidities of Asthma
    Ji-yong Moon (Hanyang University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Young Investigator Awards
Young Investigator
Awards 2
15:50-17:20 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Chair Kwang Ha Yoo (Konkuk University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-15:58 YIA-2-1 Determination of Ability of Individual Inflammatory Markers in Predicting Critical COVID and Mortality: a Retrospective Cohort Study
    Catherine Jordan (Philippines)*, Ma. Janeth Samson
15:58-16:06 YIA-2-2 Comparison of electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy and transthoracic needle biopsy for diagnosing bronchus sign positive pulmonary lesions
    Yeon Wook Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Hyung-Jun Kim, Sung Hyun Yoon, Myung Jin Song, Byoung Soo Kwon, Sung Yoon Lim, Yeon Joo Lee, Jong Sun Park, Young-Jae Cho, Jae Ho Lee, Choon-Taek Lee
16:06-16:14 YIA-2-3 Analysis of brain functional connectivity in COPD patients with functional brain MRI
    Yoomi Yeo (Republic of Korea)*, Ji Tak Rhu, Hanjoon Jo, Sung-Ho Jang, Joonho Choi, Dong Woo Park, Tae-Hyung Kim
16:22-16:30 YIA-2-5 Children respiratory health during Covid-19 lockdown and after 6-month re-exposure to poor air quality.
    Hong Le (Australia)*, An Pham, Vinh Nguyen, Robert Ware, Dung Phung, Phong Thai, Sarath Ranganathan, Dang Tran, Hien To, Peter Sly
16:30-16:38 YIA-2-6 Clinical Significance of Normalized FEV1/FVC in the Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
    Yun Seok Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Kwang Ha Yoo, Chin Kook Rhee, Ki-Suck Jung, Yong Bum Park, Joon Young Choi
16:38-16:46 YIA-2-7 Late diagnosis of Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation (CPAM) in a child with recurrent respiratory symptoms
    Sokchinda Kong (Cambodia)*, Khemuoy Um, Michael Wall
16:46-16:54 YIA-2-8 Tuberculous Lymphadenitis in Children: Experience From a Referral Tertiary Hospital in a High-Burden Country
    Muhammad Akbar Tirtosudiro (Indonesia)*, Usman, Hermin Aminah, Cesilia Citra, Nataprawira, Heda Melinda
16:54-17:02 YIA-2-9 The stability of blood eosinophil count and clinical outcomes in Thai chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: A prospective study
    Punchalee Kaenmuang (Thailand)*, Siwasak Juthong, Sirikorn Densrisereekul
17:02-17:10 YIA-2-10 Low compliance factors of NSCLC patients who refuse chemotherapy at dr. zainoel abidin hospital banda aceh
    Juvenita Sartika Dewi (Indonesia)*, Ferry Dwi Kurniawan, Irmaini Irmaini, Novita Andayani
17:10-17:18 YIA-2-11 Remote telemonitoring among patients on home non-invasive ventilation (NIV): the Sarawak experience
    Mei Ching Yong (Malaysia)*, Sze Shyang Kho, Swee Kim Chan, Siew Teck Tie


Oral 12 09:20-10:50 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Chair Tae-Hyung Kim (Hanyang University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:20-09:30 AO12-1 CSN5 is involved in asthma via interaction with PD-L1
    An-Soo Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Seon-Muk Choi, Pureun-Haneul Lee, Da Yeon Hwang, Shinhee Park, Ae Rin Baek, Min-Hyeock Ahn
09:30-09:40 AO12-2 Effects of human adipose tissue- and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on airway inflammation and remodeling in a murine model of chronic asthma 
    Joon Young Choi (Republic of Korea)*, Jung Hur, Sora Jeon, Chang Kwon Jung, Chin Kook Rhee
09:40-09:50 AO12-3 Candidate miRNA genes as biomarker in allergic asthma disease
    Halime Yildirim (Turkey)*, Ender Coskunpinar, Betul Akcesme, Sevgi Kalkanli Tas, Engin Aynaci
09:50-10:00 AO12-4 Septal deviation could be associated with the development of bronchial asthma: a nationwide cohort study
    Jong Seung Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Sam Hyun Kwon, Jae Seok Jeong, Yeon Seok You, Jong-Hwan Lee, Sang Woo Yeom, Doo Hwan Kim, Yong Chul Lee
10:00-10:10 AO12-5 Montelukast and pranlukast related neuropsychiatric events in adults with asthma and rhinitis
    Jae-Woo Kwon (Republic of Korea Young-Woo Jo, Hyouk-Soo Kwon, Joonhong Min, Young Her
10:10-10:20 AO12-6 Improvements of Clinical Symptoms and Lung Function in Asthma Patients After Montelukast Therapy at Harum Melati Clinic, Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia 2017-2020
    Dimas Trend Pinaka Baladika (Indonesia)*, Retno Ariza Soeprihatini Soemarwoto, Hetti Rusmini, Jordy Oktobiannobel, Siti Indriyani, Diyan Ekawati, Adityo Wibowo
10:20-10:30 AO12-7 Selecting representative questions in Asthma Control Test
    Min Seok Chang (Republic of Korea)* , Iseul Yu, Sunmin Park, Ji-Ho Lee, Seok Jeong Lee, Won-Yeon Lee, Suk Joong Yong, Sang-Baek Koh, Sang-Ha Kim
10:30-10:40 AO12-8 Dupilumab improved lung function and reduced exacerbation rates in patients with moderate-to-severe asthma and prior exacerbations: LIBERTY ASTHMA TRAVERSE study
    Chin Kook Rhee (Republic of Korea)*, Jonathan Corren, Mario Castro, Jorge F. Maspero, Marc Humbert, David M.G. Halpin, Arman Altincatal, Nami Pandit-Abid, Xavier Soler, Shahid Siddiqui, Juby A. Jacob-Nara, Yamo Deniz, Paul J. Rowe 


Oral 13 09:20-10:50 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
Pulmonary Circulation - VTE and PH (venous thromboembolism and pulmonary hypertension)
Chair Masayuki Hanaoka (Japan)
09:20-09:30 AO13-1 Culin5/TRAF6/NF-kb/VEGF-mediated endothelial dysfunction aggravates hypoxic pulmonary hypertension
    Lei Wang (China (Mainland))*, Jie Liu
09:30-09:40 AO13-2 Combination of CARSKNKDC (CAR) peptide with sildenafil in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension associated with emphysema induced by SU5416 in rats
    Norihiko Goto (Japan)*, Yosuke Wada, Yoshiaki Kitaguchi, Masanori Yasuo, Masayuki Hanaoka
09:40-09:50 AO13-3 Clinical experiences of high-risk pulmonary thromboembolism receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in single institution
    Joonyong Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Bo Young Lee, Ki-Up Kim, Yang-Ki Kim, Soo-taek Uh, So-My Koo, Youngeun Jang, Wonho Chang
09:50-10:00 AO13-4 Anticoagulation in Patients with Antiphospholipid Syndrome-associated Venous Thromboembolism: A Nationwide Study
    Hun-Gyu Hwang (Republic of Korea)*, Ju Hyun Lee, Sang-A Kim, Yang-Ki Kim, Myung-Shin Kim, Junshik Hong, Ho-Young Yhim, Soo-Mee Bang
10:00-10:10 AO13-5 Correlation of pulmonary artery enlargement in chest CT with Mortality of COVID-19 patients admitted at Manila Doctors Hospital from March-August 2020: A Retrospective Cohort
    Olivia Faye Listanco (Philippines)*, Jhakelinn Veericah Galang, Albert Albay Jr
10:10-10:20 AO13-6 Independent Predictors of Pulmonary Embolism in Severe SARS-CoV-2
    Aisya Natasya Musa (Malaysia)*, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Saman, Bushra Johari, Roqiah Fatmawati Abdul Kadir, Natasha Mohd Arifin, Aida Abdul Aziz, Mohd Arif Mohd Zim
10:20-10:30 AO13-7 Submassive Pulmonary Embolism Case Series - A Single Tertiary Centre Experience
    Hui Xin Tan (Malaysia)*, Nurafna binti Mohd Jaafar, Syaza Naqibah Mohamed Noor Rahim, Yen Shen Wong, Mohd Zhafran Zainal Abidin, Muhammad Amin Ibrahim, Aisya Natasya Musa, Mohd Arif Mohd Zim
10:30-10:40 AO13-8 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of pulmonary hypertension patients who underwent right heart catheterization in Thailand: 5-year retrospective single-center study
    Nichanun Chiansirikraivuti (Thailand)*, Tunlanut Sapankaew, Pattarin Pirompanich


Oral 14 09:20-10:50 ASEM Ballroom 202+203 (2F)
Critical Care Medicine - Non-covid
Chair Young-Jae Cho (Seoul National University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
09:20-09:30 AO14-1 Association of Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential with Increased Risk of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Eunhye Bae (Republic of Korea)*, Jung-Ki Yoon, Su-Gyeong Kim, Jimyung Park, Jaeyoung Cho, Nakwon Kwak, Sun Mi Choi, Jinwoo Lee, Young Sik Park, Chang-Hoon Lee, Chul-Gyu Yoo, Sang-Min Lee
09:30-09:40 AO14-2 Diaphragm thickening fraction for predicting weaning success in COPD patients
    Pongpat Klumusuk (Thailand)*, Apichart Kanitsap, Pattarin Pirompanich, Pitchayapa Ruchiwit, Narongkorn Saiphoklang, Thiti Sricharoenchai
09:40-09:50 AO14-3 Association between mechanical power and intensive care unit mortality according to the use of neuromuscular blockade in patients under pressure-controlled ventilation
    Jae Kyeom Sim (Republic of Korea)*, Sang-Min Lee, Hyung Koo Kang, Kyung Chan Kim, Young Sam Kim, Yun Seong Kim, Won-Yeon Lee, Sunghoon Park, So Young Park, Ju-Hee Park, Yun Su Sim, Kwangha Lee, Yeon Joo Lee, Jin Hwa Lee, Heung Bum Lee, Chae-Man Lim, Won-Il Choi, Ji Young Hong, Won Jun Song, Gee Young Suh
09:50-10:00 AO14-4 Influences of do-not-resuscitate orders and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment of patients in the medical intensive care unit
    Song-I Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Chaeuk Chung, Dongil Park, Da Hyun Kang, Ye-Rin Ju, Jeong Eun Lee
10:00-10:10 AO14-5 Mechanical ventilation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients in Korea: a nationwide population-based study
    Jae Kyeom Sim (Republic of Korea)*, Seok Joo Moon, Jae Jeong Shim
10:10-10:20 AO14-6 The impact of early sedation depth on clinical outcomes in mechanically ventilated patients in Korean intensive care units
    Dong-gon Hyun (Republic of Korea)*, Jee Hwan Ahn, Ha-Yeong Gil, Chung Mo Nam, Choa Yun, Chae-Man Lim
10:20-10:30 AO14-7 Endothelial Fgfr1 deficiency worsen LPS induced ALI/ARDS.
    Yue Deng (China (Mainland))*, Yan Hu, Bisen Ding, Chen Wang
10:30-10:40 AO14-8 A survey of the awareness and understanding of healthcare staff on rehabilitation for critically ill patients
    Won Jin Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Eunjeong Son, Jin Ho Jang, Taehwa Kim, Doosoo Jeon, Hye Ju Yeo, Woo Hyun Cho, Seung Eun Lee, Yun Seong Kim


Oral 15 11:10-12:40 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculous) - Covid-19 infection - Treatment and Post recovery
Chair Do-Jin Kim (Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
11:10-11:20 AO15-1 A community-base pulmonary rehabilitation programme for the elderly recovered from Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)
    Ching Man Tiffany Choi (Hong Kong)*, Kin Kenneth Au Yeung, Kwok Cheong George Wong
11:20-11:30 AO15-2 Steroid and/or Antifibrotic Treatment on Improvement of Post Covid Lung Function
    Ahmed Masum (Bangladesh)*, Md Zahir Kamruzzaman, Baqui Billah Syed Muhammad, Kayesh A J M Emrul, Hoshen Mohammad Shahdat, Khan F R, Alam Md Hasibul
11:30-11:40 AO15-3 Remdesivir Efficacy in Coronavirus Disease: A Randomized trial
    Ibrahim Salaheldin Ibrahim (Egypt)*, Mohammed hantera, Mohammed Tork, Sherif Abdelslam
11:40-11:50 AO15-4 Combining Fluvoxamine with Bromhexine prevents clinical deterioration in outpatients with mild to moderate symptomatic SARS-CoV-2, A Randomized Clinical Trial
    Dhammika Leshan Wannigama (Thailand)*, Cameron Hurst, Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen, Peter N Monk, Shuichi Abe, Paul G. Higgins, Katika Akksilp, Natchalaikorn Sirichumroonwit, Kanokpoj Chanpiwat, Angela M. Reiersen, Farid Jalali, Stephen M Stick, Anthony Kicic, Parichart Hongsing, Tanittha Chatsuwan
11:50-12:00 AO15-5 Different treatment response to systemic corticosteroids according to white blood cell counts in severe COVID-19 patients
    Kwang Yong Choi (Republic of Korea)*, Dong Hyun Kim, Kwang Nam Jin, Hyo Jin Lee, Tae Yun Park, Borim Ryu, Jung-Kyu Lee, Eun Young Heo, Deog Kyeom Kim, Hyun Woo Lee
12:00-12:10 AO15-6 The effect of nintedanib in post-COVID-19 lung fibrosis: an observational study
    Pimchanok Patanayindee (Thailand)*, Narongkorn Saiphoklang, Pitchayapa Ruchiwit
12:10-12:20 AO15-7 Short Term Effects in Pulmonary Function and Chest High Resolution Computed Tomography Scan Among COVID-19 Recovered Adult Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in Davao City
    Benjo Ato (Philippines)*, Christoper John Quadra, Jessie Orcasitas, Maria Theresa Sanchez, Al Patrick Alajas
12:20-12:30 AO15-8 Characteristics, Management, and Outcomes of COVID-19 Patients Admitted in a Tertiary Private Hospital in Naga City, Camarines Sur: A Retrospective Cohort Study
    Angelo Roleo Battung (Philippines)*, James Omana, Jose Manuel Ranola III
12:30-12:40 AO15-9 Methyprednisolone versus Dexamethasone for severe COVID-19 infection: A retrospective comparative analysis of our early experience.
    Chun Ian Soo (Malaysia)*, Khai Vern Poon, Atiqah Ayub, Hui Wen You, Cai Xian Tan, Jia Juin Kenneth Loh, Chai Hui Carolyn Eng, Leng Cheng Sia, Nur Husna Ibrahim, Ka Kiat Chin, Thian Chee Loh, Vijayan Munusamy, Mau Ern Poh, Jiunn Liang Tan, Yong Kek Pang, Chong Kin Liam, Chee Kuan Wong


Oral 16 11:10-12:40 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Tuberculosis - Tuberculosis and Others
Chair Joonsung Joh (National Medical Center, Republic of Korea)
11:10-11:20 AO16-1 Comparison between phenotypic and whole-genome sequencing drug susceptibility testing in multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from South Korea
    Seung Heon Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Jee Youn Oh, Taehee Woo, Jake Whang, Sungkyoung Choi, Sungweon Ryu, Hyung Seok Kang, Jungmin Choi, Shinhee Park, Eung gu Lee, Joon Hyuk Lim, Yon Ju Ryu, Yong Il Hwang, Jaekap Lee
11:20-11:30 AO16-2 False positive rifampicin resistant results by Xpert MTB/RIF point-of-care testing at the Singapore Tuberculosis Control Unit
    Caroline Victoria Choong (Singapore)*, Jerlyn Huixian Woo, Lovel Galamay, Cynthia Bin Eng Chee
11:30-11:40 AO16-3 Frequency and probe distribution of rpoB mutations detected by Xpert MTB/RIF in Tuberculosis Control Unit Singapore
    Jerlyn Huixian Woo (Singapore)*, Caroline Victoria Choong, Lovel Galamay, Cynthia Bin Eng Chee
11:40-11:50 AO16-4 Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Bedaquiline and Clofazimine in Drug resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis clinical isolates in Korea
    Hee Joo Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Seungmo Kim, Hwi-Jun Kim, Ryeun Heo, Youn Jung Jun, Hyeon-Su Kim, Jong-Myun Song, Dae-Seon Han, Hongsu Jeong, Sodan Nam, Choi Jimin, Sujin Chae, Gyeongin Lee, Seung-Heon Lee, Hyejin Kim
11:50-12:00 AO16-5 Isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis is associated with hepatotoxicity: a prospective multicenter cohort study of pulmonary tuberculosis
    Jiwon Ryoo (Republic of Korea)*, Yeonhee Park, Ju Sang Kim, Hyung Woo Kim, Sung Kyoung Kim, Jin Woo Kim, Yong Hyun Kim, Sang Haak Lee, Jinsoo Min
12:00-12:10 AO16-6 The proportion of latent tuberculosis infection using interferon gamma release assay in household contact with drug-resistant tuberculosis patients at persahabatan hospital: Preliminary report
    Cahyo Guntoro (Indonesia)*, Fathiyah Isbaniah, Heidy Agustin
12:10-12:20 AO16-7 Cardiac dysfunction in Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Prospective, Observational and Interventional study in tertiary care setting in India
    Shital Patil (India)*, Rajesh Patil, Gajanan Gondhali, Laxman Kasture, Abhijit Acharya
12:20-12:30 AO16-8 Nutritional Status of Hospitalized Tuberculosis Patients In South Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Elok Hikmatun Nikmah (Indonesia)*, Mohammad Isa, Ira Nurrasyidah, Ali Assagaf, Haryati Haryati, Erna Kusumawardhani, Desi Rahmawaty
12:30-12:40 AO16-9 Clinical Profile and Outcomes of Covid 19 Patients with Concomitant Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Cross Sectional Study at Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    Geramie Acebuque (Philippines)*, Chona De Vera


Oral 17 11:10-12:40 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
Lung Cancer - Treatment and Biomarker
Chair Seung Hun Jang (Hallym University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
11:10-11:20 AO17-1 Identification of predictive factors for early relapse in patients with unresectable stage III NSCLC receiving consolidation durvalumab after concurrent chemoradiation
    Jung Hyun Nam (Republic of Korea)*, Chang Dong Yeo, Chan Kwon Park, Sung Kyoung Kim, Ju Sang Kim, Yong Hyun Kim, Jin Woo Kim, Seung Joon Kim, Sang Hak Lee, Hye Seon Kang
11:20-11:30 AO17-2 Evaluation of Blood Tumor Mutation Burden for Efficacy of Second- Line Atezolizumab Treatment in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: BUDDY trial
    Cheol-Kyu Park (Republic of Korea)*, Ha Ra Jun, Hyung-Joo Oh, Ji-Young Lee, Hyun-Ju Cho, Young-Chul Kim, Jeong Eun Lee, Sung Hoon Yoon, Chang Min Choi, Jae Chul Lee, Sung Yong Lee, Shin Yup Lee, Sung-Min Chun, In-Jae Oh
11:30-11:40 AO17-3 Soluble PD-L1 levels correlate with efficacy of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors in lung cancer
    Da Hyun Kang (Republic of Korea)*, Jeong Suk Koh, Chaeuk Chung, Dongil Park, Song-I Lee, Jeong Eun Lee
11:40-11:50 AO17-4 Real-world analysis of the EGFR T790M mutation in plasma and tissue biopsy from advanced non-small cell lung cancer
    Eun Hye Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Se Hyun Kwak, Chi young Kim, Sang Hoon Lee, Eun Young Kim, Yoon Soo Chang
11:50-12:00 AO17-5 Clinicopathologic characteristics of NSCLC patients with uncommon EGFR mutations in Korea
    Hye Seon Kang (Republic of Korea)*, Kyu Yeon Kim, Jeong Uk Lim, Chang Dong Yeo, Ju Sang Kim, Seung Joon Kim, Sang Haak Lee
12:00-12:10 AO17-6 The clinical outcomes of different first-line treatment strategies in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients with EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation
    Wei-Fan Ou (Taiwan)*, Yen-Hsiang Huang, Kuo-Hsuan Hsu, Jeng-Sen Tseng, Po-Hsin Lee, Tsung-Ying Yang
12:10-12:20 AO17-7 Never-smoker small cell lung cancer had better chemotherapeutic response than smoker
    Ha-Young Park (Republic of Korea)*, Hyung-Joo Oh, Bo Gun Kho, Hong-Jun Shin, Cheol Kyu Park, Yu-Il Kim, Young-Chul Kim, Taebum Lee, Yoo-Duk Choi, In-Jae Oh
12:20-12:30 AO17-8 Prognostic values of baseline pulmonary functions in patients with non-small cell lung cancer under immunotherapy
    Jeong Uk Lim (Republic of Korea)*, Hye Seon Kang, Chang Dong Yeo, Ju Sang Kim, Chan Kwon Park, Jin Woo Kim, Seung Joon Kim, Sang Haak Lee


Oral 18 14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology 
Chair Jun-Pyo Myong (The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:10 AO18-1 Clinical Profile of COVID-19 Vaccinated Individuals who Developed Breakthrough Infections: A Systematic Review
    Stephanie Palacios (Philippines)*, Glenford Refre, Patricio Palmes
14:10-14:20 AO18-2 Involvement of RAGE and oxidative stress in chronic inflammation
    Jimin Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Jooyeon Lee, Hyosin Baek, Jaehyun Park, Sang-Ryul Cha, Se Bi Lee, Se-Ran Yang
14:20-14:30 AO18-3 Combined association of climatic change, air pollution, and green space exposure with risk of respiratory diseases in 6-month-old infants
    Ji-Young Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Eunji Lee, Jongmin Oh, Dirga Kumar Lamichhane, Yun-Chul Hong, Hye-Sook Park, Yanho Kim, Mina Ha, Eunhee Ha, Jin Hwa Lee
14:30-14:40 AO18-4 Priming with cytokine B enhances therapeutic capacities of mesenchymal stem cells in acute lung injury (ALI)
    Jooyeon Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Hyosin Baek, Jimin Jang, Jaehyun Park, Sang-Ryul Cha, Se Bi Lee, Se-Ran Yang
14:40-14:50 AO18-5 Trends of five year ambient air pollutant levels and hospitalization rate due to respiratory viral infection in Korean children
    Jung Yeon Shim (Republic of Korea)*, Hyung Gyu Park, Sinae Kim, Miyeon Lee
14:50-15:00 AO18-6 Effects of PM2.5 exposure on early alveolar development and DNA methylation using human pluripotent stem cell-derived alveolar organoid system
    Minje Kang (Republic of Korea)*, Seok-Ho Hong
15:00-15:10 AO18-7 Incidence of silicosis and dust exposure among small-scale gold miners in Mongolia
    Densenbal Dansran (Mongolia)*, Ichinnorov Dashtseren, Solongo Bandi, Naransukh Damiran, Byambadolgor Dagviikhorol, Bayanmunkh Tseden


Oral 19 14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Tuberculosis - Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Chair Yong Soo Kwon (Chonnam National University Medical School, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:10 AO19-1 Features of radiological signs in patients with multidrug-resistant\extensively drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis
    Dmytro Butov (Ukraine)*, Mykhailo Kuzhko, Mykola Gumeniuk, Nadiya Sapelnik, Olena Borysova, Tetiana Butova
14:10-14:20 AO19-2 Infiltrate lesion area as a predictor of the likelihood of drug resistance tuberculosis in Indonesia South Sumatera
    Alif Fathurrachman (Indonesia)*, Miyuki Sari, Zen Ahmad, Linda Andriani, Sudarto Sudarto, Roully Pasaribu, Ahmad Rasyid, Erial Bahar, Yusri Muhamad
14:20-14:30 AO19-3 Effectiveness of the WHO short treatment (STR) Regimen of MDR-TB
    Sadia Sultana Resma (Bangladesh)*, Naeem Hossain, Tazrin Farhana, Kazi Saifuddin Bennoor, Md Ali Hossain, Mustafijur Rahman, Sheikh Shahinur Hossain, Mohammad Abdus Shakur Khan
14:30-14:40 AO19-4 Treatment outcomes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with selective use of bedaquiline/delamanid guided by an expert committee: a nationwide cohort study in South Korea
    Yong-Soo Kwon (Republic of Korea)*, Jung En Shin, Hyungseok Kang, Doosoo Jeon, Jae-Joon Yim, Tae Sun Shim
14:40-14:50 AO19-5 Effectiveness and safety of Bedaquiline-based, modified shorter treatment regimen for Rifampicin resistant Tuberculosis in Vietnam
    Thi Mai Phuong Nguyen (Viet Nam)*, Thi Hai Minh Le, Corinne Simone Collette Merle, Debora Pedrazzoli, Nhat Linh Nguyen, Tom Decroo, Binh Hoa Nguyen, Thi Thanh Thuy Hoang, Viet Nhung Nguyen
14:50-15:00 AO19-6 The myelosuppressive effect of linezolid among drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Mongolia
    Bolyskhan Baigabyl (Mongolia)*, Myadagmaa Jaalkhorol, Manaljav Tseden-Ish, Ichinnorov Dashtseren, Odgerel Tsogbadrakh
15:00-15:10 AO19-7 Ethionamide-induced hypothyroidism in drug-resistance tuberculosis children: how frequently does it happen?
    Citra Cesilia (Indonesia)*, Muh. Akbar Tirtosudiro, Heda Melinda N. Nataprawira
15:10-15:20 AO19-8 Sad TB lung: screening of anxiety and depression among multi drug resistant tuberculosis in a tertiary hospital
    Jodie Bancod (Philippines)*
15:20-15:30 AO19-9 Analysis of treatment success rates of drug resistant tuberculosis with all oral regimens in South sulawesi
    Jamaluddin Madolangan (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Andi Julia Junus, Ratna Tahir, Uswatun Khasanah, Nurjanah Lihawa


Oral 20 14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
Clinical Allergy & Immunology 
Chair Tae-Bum Kim (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:10 AO20-1 Correlation of COVID-19 vaccine history and the duration of negative conversion time of COVID-19 patients in Labuang baji hospital and Asrama haji field hospital
    Jamaluddin Madolangan (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin
14:00-14:10 AO20-2 Bronchial Thermoplasty or Biologics for Severe Asthma: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis
    Pyng Lee (Singapore)*, Khi Yung Fong, Nicholas Syn, Joseph Zhao
14:10-14:20 AO20-3 The effectiveness of IL-6 and PD-1 antibody blockade combination therapy in a murine model of sepsis
    Song-I Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Nayoung Kim, Chaeuk Chung, Dongil Park, Da Hyun Kang, Jeong Eun Lee
14:20-14:30 AO20-4 Severe asthma is associated with adverse COVID-19 outcomes
    Yong Chul Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Jae Seok Jeong, Hae Jin Park, Kyung Hwa Park, Hee Jung Kim, Yeong Hun Choe, So Ri Kim


Oral 21 14:00-15:30 ASEM Ballroom 202+203 (2F)
Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep 
Chair Sang Haak Lee (The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
14:00-14:10 AO21-1 Effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia on bleomycin induced interstitial pulmonary fibrosis elderly mouse model
    Heayon Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Sei Won Kim, Hwan Hee Kim, Sukjin Bae, In Kyoung Kim, Chang Dong Yeo, Sang Haak Lee
14:10-14:20 AO21-2 Prevalence of cognitive impairment and the effect of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) towards cognition among patients with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)
    Muhammad Farid Mohd Fauad (Malaysia)*, Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail, Shalini Bhaskar, Noor Azleen Ahmad Tarmizi
14:20-14:30 AO21-3 Impact of change in CPAP initiation practice during COVID-19 pandemic on acceptance and short-term adherence.
    Yiting Tang (Singapore)*, Jonathan Teow Koon Goh, Heng Lun Lee, Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Abdul Rahim, Karen Chin, Kathy Chan, Ryan Loh, Cherlyn Koh, Chu Qin Phua, Rui Ya Soh
14:30-14:40 AO21-4 OSAHS can induce retinal microvascular abnormalities
    Yina Wang (China (Mainland))*, Silei Deng, Jingjie Kuan, Xiao Xiao, Liang Zhou
14:40-14:50 AO21-5 Factors affecting CPAP adherence in Thai patients with obstructive sleep apnea
    Narongkorn Saiphoklang (Thailand)*, Kanyada Leelasittikul, Apiwat Pugongchai, Shayada Suksupakit, Nithita Sattaratpaijit
14:50-15:00 AO21-6 Intermittent hypoxia up regulates mTOR expression in hepatic macrophages through CX3CL1/CX3CR1
    Yayong Li (China (Mainland))*, Yina Wang
15:00-15:10 AO21-7 IH can induce apoptosis of macrophage
    Yina Wang (China (Mainland))*, Jingjie Kuang, Silei Deng, Xiao Xiao, Yuanguo Chen, Yayong Li
15:10-15:20 AO21-8 A systematic review and meta-analysis on the efficacy of telemedicine compared to face-to-face consultations in promoting CPAP compliance among OSA patients
    Brian Nelson Ong (Philippines)*, Ryan Martin Denopol, Racquel Ibanez, Maria Cecilia Jocson


Oral 22 15:50-17:20 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculous) - NTM
Chair Jusang Kim (The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-16:00 AO22-1 Risk factors for mortality and progressive disease of nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Hyeontaek Hwang (Republic of Korea)*, Jung-Kyu Lee, Eun Young Heo, Deog Kyeom Kim, Hyun Woo Lee
16:00-16:10 AO22-2 Risk of Mycobacterium avium complex-lung disease and single nucleotide polymorphisms in programmed cell death-1 gene
    Sheng-Wei Pan (Taiwan)*, Chin-Chung Shu, Jia-Yih Feng, Lawrence Shih-Hsin Wu, Jann-Yuan Wang, Wei-Juin Su, Yuh-Min Chen, Hao-Chien Wang, Chong-Jen Yu
16:10-16:20 AO22-3 Spatial analysis and population genomics study of Mycobacterium kansasii in southern Taiwan
    Bo-Chen Liu (Taiwan)*, Hung-Ling Huang, Po-Liang Lu, Inn-Wen Chong, Jann-Yuan Wang, Hsien-Ho Lin
16:20-16:30 AO22-4 Another Step into the BACES: Validation of the Prognostic Score for Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease
    Hyung-Jun Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Myung Jin Song, Byoung Soo Kwon, Yeon Wook Kim, Sung Yoon Lim, Yeon-Joo Lee, Jong Sun Park, Young-Jae Cho, Choon-Taek Lee, Jae Ho Lee
16:30-16:40 AO22-5 Nomogram for Predicting Mortality in Patients with Mycobacterium avium Complex Pulmonary Disease
    Sol Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Youngmok Park, Yoon Ho Noh, Young Ae Kang
16:40-16:50 AO22-6 The clinical characteristics of Mycobacterium fortuitum pulmonary disease and the treatment outcomes
    Sae Rom Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Byung Woo Jhun
16:50-17:00 AO22-7 Effect of computed tomography-measured body composition on the prognosis of Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease patients in Koreans.
    Eun Ki Chung (Republic of Korea)*, Young Mok Park, Moo Suk Park, Young Sam Kim, Hye Jeong Lee, Young Ae Kang
17:00-17:10 AO22-8 Mediastinal masses and collections in culture-positive melioidosis: 4-year review in northern Sabah, Borneo
    Larry Ellee Nyanti (Malaysia)*, Amalina Abu Othman, Yen Lik Chia, Valerie Toh, Nur Siti Fatimah Mohamad Jamil, Hema Yamini Ramarmuty, Kunji Kannan, Sivaraman Kannan
17:10-17:20 AO22-9 A study on the relationship of differenct comorbidities with morbid histopathological changes in COVID-19 patients using minimally invasive tissue sampling
    Animesh Ray (India)*


Oral 23 15:50-17:20 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
COPD - Exacerbation & Pulmonary function
Chair Chong-Jen Yu (Taiwan)
15:50-16:00 AO23-1 Benefits of budesonide/glycopyrronium/formoterol fumarate dihydrate triple therapy versus dual therapies in patients with COPD and additional asthma features: post-hoc analysis of KRONOS and ETHOS
    Munehiro Seki (Japan)*, Shigeo Muro, John R. Hurst, David Petullo, Patrick Darken, Ayman Megally, Mehul Patel
16:00-16:10 AO23-2 Risk factors of disease progression in young patients with COPD
    Juye Bae (Republic of Korea)*, Hyun Woo Lee, Kwang Yong Choi, Hyo-Jin Lee, Jung-Kyu Lee, Tae Yeon Park, Deog Kyeom Kim, Eun Young Heo
16:10-16:20 AO23-3 Exercise performance on the prognosis of mild and moderate COPD
    Ji Won Park (Republic of Korea)*, Joo Hun Park, Ji Eun Park, Kwang Ha Yoo, Ki-Suck Jung, Chin Kook Rhee


Oral 24 15:50-17:20 ASEM Ballroom 202+203 (2F)
Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques 
Chair Kyung Jong Lee (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
15:50-16:00 AO24-1 Safety and Efficacy of Transbronchial Lung CrYO Biopsy vs Forceps Biopsy in diagnosis of Fibrotic Lung Disease - "Biopsies and Beyond"
    Umang Shah (India)*
16:00-16:10 AO24-2 Cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions using 1.1 mm cryoprobe and guide sheath without fluoroscopy
    Dongil Park (Republic of Korea)*, Jeong Eun Lee, Chaeuk Chung, Da Hyun Kang
16:10-16:20 AO24-3 Transbronchial biopsy by radial probe endobronchial ultrasound followed by cryobiopsy using a novel 1.1-mm diameter cryoprobe
    Jung Seop Eom (Republic of Korea)*, Soo Han Kim, Jeongha Mok, Mi Hyun Kim, Eun Jong Jo, Kwangha Lee, Ki Uk Kim, Hye-Kyung Park, Min Ki Lee
16:20-16:30 AO24-4 Thoracic Vent versus Conventional Intercostal Tube Drainage in Management of Pneumothorax in University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC): A Pilot Study
    Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed (Malaysia)*, Azat Azrai Azmel, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Boon Hau Ng, Mas Fazlin Mohamad Jailaini, Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
16:30-16:40 AO24-5 The value of finer rigid medical thoracoscope in “APC-plus” for the treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP)
    Hua Zhang (China (Mainland))*, Guangwei Xue, Zhongmei Sun, Wei Zhang, Weiwei Xu, Zongtao Liu, Changsheng Ge, Zhigang Zheng
16:40-16:50 AO24-6 Endobronchial valves for emphysema and persistent air-leak: 9-year experience in one Asian Country
    Jin-Young Huh (Republic of Korea)*, Byeong-Ho Jeong, Ho il Yoon, Hojoong Kim, Young-Jae Cho, Changhwan Kim, Seung Jun Lee, Hwan hee Kim, Seung Won Ra, Ye Jin Lee, Beong Ki Kim, Sung Kyoung Kim, Ki Hyun Seo, Sei Won Lee
16:50-17:00 AO24-7 Feasibility and safety of pleural biopsy using rigid forceps in semi-rigid medical thoracoscopy
    Ganghee Chae (Republic of Korea)*, Chuiyong Pak, Jin Hyoung Kim, Seung Won Ra, Yangjin Jegal, Kwang Won Seo, Jong Joon Ahn, Taehoon Lee
17:00-17:10 AO24-8 Clinical outcomes of bronchoscopic cryotherapy for central airway obstruction in adults: 11-year experience of single center
    Jong Hwan Jeong (Republic of Korea)*, Wonjun Ji, Chang-Min Choi
17:10-17:20 AO24-9 Trends and an online survey on the use of rigid bronchoscopy in Korea: Too old style to be used recently?
    Byeong-Ho Jeong (Republic of Korea)*, Sang Haak Lee, Hwan Hee Kim, Ho Il Yoon, Jung Seop Eom, Young Sik Park, Jaeyoung Cho, Taehoon Lee, Seung Joon Kim, Hyeong Jun Cho, Chan Kwon Park, Yousang Ko, Yong-Soo Kwon, Changhwan Kim, Wonjun Ji, Chang-Min Choi, Kihyun Seo, Hae-Seong Nam, Hojoong Kim,




Poster Exhibition
Clinical Respiratory Medicine
AP01-37   Plastic bronchitis presenting as incessant sputum expectoration: a case report
    Kriselle Felicia Lumunsad (Philippines)*, Emily Aventura, Christine Chavez, Jay Andrew Ilagan, Noel Michael Supremo, Annaleene Michelle Ferrater-Alcober, Mirasol Aboga-Pacheco
AP01-38   The interest of bronchoscopy in diagnosis of the patients with non-resolving pneumonia in Calmette Hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Menghak Heng (Cambodia)*, Bunpaul Chhar, Sarin Chan, Chanty Ny, Mich Vann
AP01-39   Rapidly growing tracheal granulation causing tracheal obstruction: a case report
    Shun Takao (Japan)*, Shoshi Akieda, Ren Seike, Jun Yano, Shohei Mishima, Yusuke Takayama, Takahiro Mimae, Hiroyasu Shoda, Yoichi Hamai, Kentaro Tamura, Yasuo Iwamoto, Yoshihiro Miyata
AP01-40   An incidental finding of an endobronchial lesion.
    Wei Lien Rita Lai (Singapore)*, Kim Hoong Yap, Wei Keong Alan Ng
AP01-41   Bronchial mass in meningioma patient: A case report and review of literature
    Harik Firman Thahadian (Indonesia)*, Nur Rahmi Ananda, Ika Trisnawati, Heni Retnowulan, Bambang Sigit Riyanto, Eko Budiono, Sumardi Sumardi
AP01-42   Pulmonary edema after propofol infusion in the operative and postoperative periods
    Youngeun Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Ki Up Kim, Bo Young Lee, Soo-taek Uh, Yang Ki Kim, So My Koo, Se Yoon Park, Bo-Da Nam, Young-Woo Park, June Young Jang
AP01-43   Feasibility study of home-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) in Bangladesh
    GM Monsur Habib (Bangladesh)*, Roberto Rabinovich, Nazim Uzzaman, Aftab Uddin, Hilary Pinnock
AP01-44   Effectiveness of an outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program in patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases; a pilot study
    Mohamed Rikas (Sri Lanka)*, Chamoda Jayasinghe, Renuka Dasanayaka, Surangika Wadugodapitiya, Duminda Yasaratne
AP01-45   Patient's perception of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Bangladesh
    GM Monsur Habib (Bangladesh)*, Roberto Rabinovich, Nazim Uzzaman, Aftab Uddin, Hilary Pinnock
AP01-46   A Case of Necrotizing Sarcoidosis with Reversible Cognitive Disorder and Mimicking Cushing syndrome
    Yuka Nagae (Japan)*, Saeko Nagai, Ayako Ito, Touhei Yamaguchi, Nobuhisa Yonemitsu, Koujirou Nakao, Kouichiro Takemoto, Yuji Sagara, Hiroaki Senju, Misato Adachi, Yoshifumi Soejima
AP01-47   Guillain-Barre syndrome as a rare initial presentation of Antiphosphospholipid syndrome
    Nurgul Naurzvai (Turkey)*, Nurdan Kokturk, Bijen Nazliel, Melda Turkoglu
AP01-48   The Sleeping Giant Finally Awakens : Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemmas of A Large Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Diaphragm
    Krista Mae Paulino (Philippines)*, Christina Uy
AP01-49   Low frame rate dynamic chest radiography as a tool for investigating diaphragm dysfunction
    Thomas Simon FitzMaurice (United Kingdom)*, Caroline McCann, Ram Bedi, Dilip Nazareth, Martin Walshaw
AP01-50   A lady with blistering skin rash and ”Lungs on Fire”
    Niranjan Chandramal (Sri Lanka)*, Asha Samaranayake, Buddhika Alahakoon, Ananda Jayanaga, Harindra Karunathilaka, Ravini Karunathilaka
AP01-51   The impact of colony morphotype on clinical courses of patients with Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease
    Jihoo Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Jaejoon Yim, Nakwon Kwak, Hyeryung Oh, Jeonseong Yan, Jake Whang
AP01-52   Understanding the implementation of PR in Bangladesh using Normalization Process Theory
    GM Monsur Habib (Bangladesh)*, Roberto Rabinovich, Nazim Uzzaman, Aftab Uddin, Hilary Pinnock
AP01-53   Can we combine advances in evidence based medicine and behavioural economics strategies to improve diagnosis in respiratory medicine?
    Tow Keang Lim (Singapore)*, Chia Meng Teoh, Mei Ying Chew, Jeff Ng
AP01-54   Clinical outcome and patient characteristics of community acquired pneumonia in a secondary care hospital in central Sri Lanka; are severity indexes and scores universally applicable?
    Sanjaya Sumanasinghe (Sri Lanka)*, Hasitha Dissanayake, Thilina Munasinghe, Kokilaa Wijerathne, Sumedha Samankantha
AP01-55   Impacts of clinical training on experience and knowledge of respiratory diseases among post-graduate year (PGY) 1 and 2 residents.
    Yoko hamakawa (Japan)*, Satoshi Marumo, Ryo Yamanaka, Hiromitsu Ueki, Ryota Kishi, Yuta Sakano, Hirotaka Tamesada, Shiori Jinnno, Chie Morimoto, Takamitsu Imoto, Takamasa Kitajima, Daiki Inoue, Motonari Fukui
AP01-56   MALT Lymphoma Masquerading as Organizing Pneumonia as the First Manifestation
    Mohd Zhafran Zainal Abidin (Malaysia)*, Hui Xin Tan, Yen Shen Wong, Affida Ahmad, Aisya Natasya Musa, Mohd Arif Mohd Zim
AP01-57   Clinical audit on Discharge Summary Post-Non invasive ventilation
    Dawpadee Dharmasena (United Kingdom)*, Sanka Vijayabandara, Osei Kankam, Theresa Christopherson
AP01-58   Oxygenation Parameters as Predictors of Clinical Outcomes among Non-oxygenated Hospitalized Adult Patients with Moderate Covid-19 Infection
    Eliezer James Aguila (Philippines)*, Trinidad Tim
AP01-59   Recurrent spontaneous pneumomediastinum in adolescents: a rare case in healthy adolescents with an infrequently reported entity.
    Wutthichai Sae Chen (Thailand)*, Virissorn Wongsrichanalai
AP01-60   Compliance of non-invasive ventilation among patients with myotonic dystrophy complicated with type 2 respiratory failure
    Sugeesha Wickramasinghe (United Kingdom)*, Verity Ford, Emily Nuttall
AP01-61   Comparing current treatment practice in patients with bronchiectasis in tertiary respiratory care setting with standard international guidelines - An audit
    Sugeesha Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)*, Saman Kularatne
AP01-62   Outcome of telepharmacy service in asthma and COPD clinic in Thailand.
    Sirin Phenphinan (Thailand)*, Watchara Boonsawat, Sunee Lertsinudom
AP01-63   Association between circulating plasma exosomes and cytokine levels in obstructive sleep apnea
    Po-Yuan Hsu (Taiwan)*, Yung-Che Chen, Meng-Chih Lin
AP01-64   High Flow Nasal Cannula in Hypoxemic Patients with COVID-19 in Philippine Heart Center: a cross-sectional study
    Kristine Gail Sy (Philippines)*, Ma. Encarnita Limpin
AP01-65   Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage After an Ovum Pick-Up Procedure Induced by Inhalational Sevoflurane - A case report
    Hye Sung Khil (Republic of Korea)*, Sue In Choi, Byung Keun Kim, Won jai Jung, Eun Joo Lee, Sang Yeub Lee
AP01-66   Pulmonary rehabilitation in the time of pandemic: outcomes of online pulmonary rehabilitation in a tertiary institution.
  Rachelle Mae Legaspi (Philippines)*, Camille San Miguel, Guinevere Dy-Agra, Rodolfo Pagcatipunan, Celeste Mae Campomanes, Kurt Tolentino, Matthew Lee
AP01-718   Case report and literature review of Plastic bronchitis characcterized by refractory hemoptysis.
  Yan Gu (China (Mainland))*, Wanting Zhang
Cell and Molecular Biology
AP02-75   Comparison of the phenotype of united airway disease between fungus-induced severe allergic lung inflammation and respiratory SARS-CoV-2 infection in mice
    Yeogha Yoon (Republic of Korea)*, Wankyu Kim, Hae Jin Park, Kyung Hwa Park, So Ri Kim, Yeong Hun Choe, Jae Seok Jeong, Yong Chul Lee
AP02-76   Patient-derived lung organoid on a chip platform as a new alternative method for pulmonary disease modeling and drug discovery
    Seo-Hee Yang (Republic of Korea)*, Eun-Young Eo, Ji-Yeon Park, Hyung-Jun Kim, Young-Jae Cho
Clinical Allergy & Immunology 
AP03-79   Effect of supplement vitamin C on IL-6 (interleukin 6) and IL-10 (interleukin 10) level health care worker in dr. soetomo academic hospital in COVID-19 pandemic
    Nisya Hapsari (Indonesia)*, Laksmi Wulandari
AP03-80   The impact of one-year treatment with dupilumab in patients with severe asthma
    Sumiko Abe (Japan)*, Norihiro Harada, Yuuki Sandhu, Hitoshi Sasano, Yuuki Tanabe, Sonoko Harada, Ai Goto, Takayasu Watanabe, Yoshihiko Sato, Takayasu Nishimaki, Yukari Kato, Shoko Ueda, Tomohito Takeshige, Jun Ito, Ryo Atsuta, Kazuhisa Takahashi
AP03-81   The role of IL-1 β and IL-10 as a predictive factors for COVID-19 severity
    Sakina Sakina (Indonesia)*, Resti Yudhawati
AP03-82   NLRP3 inflammasome is critically implicated in SARS-CoV-2-induced aggravation of severe asthma in mice
    Jae Seok Jeong (Republic of Korea)*, Hae Jin Park, Kyung Hwa Park, Hee Jung Kim, Yeong Hun Choe, So Ri Kim
AP03-83   Aero allergen sensitivity pattern in patients with Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma in Southern India
    Manimaran Marappan (India)*
AP03-84   Lungs and kidneys tying the knot in the era of covid pandemic
    Madhushi Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)*, Chandana Dahanayaka, Ayesha Jayawardana, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Dinith Galabada, Eshanth Perera
AP03-85   Qualitative serologic antibody response using lateral flow immunoassay (Rapid IgG/IgM Diagnostic Test) in the different illness severity of COVID-19 Pneumonia 
    Mark Christian Agase (Philippines)*, Ma. Encarnita Limpin, Emily Aventura
AP03-86   CD2 shown to facilitate CD4+ cell differentiation in Visceral Leishmaniasis patients, a receptor based study
    Sukrat Sinha (India)*
Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology 
AP04-100   A case of humidifier lung diagnosed after repeated admission
    Seoung Ju Park (Republic of Korea)*, Hwan Jin Lee, Yeong Hun Choe, Heung Bum Lee
AP04-101   Effect of fine dust on lung disease
    Yejin Lee (Republic of Korea)*
AP04-102   Progressive Massive Fibrosis, a case of diagnostic dilemma.
    Madhushi Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)*, Chandana Dahanayaka, Ayesha Jayawardana, Praveen Sumithrarachchi, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Ramani Punchihewa, Sumudu Palihawadana, Eshanth Perera
AP04-103   Can a Web-App based physical activity promotion program improve cardiovascular symptoms of midlife women?
    Wonshik Chee (United States of America)*, Eun-Ok Im
AP04-104   A Retrospective Cohort Study on the Outcomes of Participants of the DOH-LCP Quitline Program from 2017-2020
    Marra Monique Cantela (Philippines)*, Glynna Cabrera
AP04-105   Toxicity evaluation of environmental pollutant using human small airway epithelial cells (SAEC) cultured under the air-liquid interface (ALI)
    Sun Young Kyung (Republic of Korea)*, Eun Suk Son, Se-Hee Kim, Young Eun Lee, Jeong-Woong Park, Sung Hwan Jeong
AP04-106   Various daily health practices to reduce particulate matter in vulnerable and susceptible individuals
    Hyun Woo Ji (Republic of Korea)*, Dae Ryoung Kang, Yong Jin Lee, Jin-Bae Kim, Yeong-Bae Lee, Changsoo Kim, Jaelim Cho, Mi-Ji Kim, Jungwoo Sohn, Ji Ye Jung
AP04-107   Gene expression changes in lung induced by subacute inhalation of PM10-rich particulate matter in mice
    Sung-Woo Park (Republic of Korea)*, Jisu Hong, Jong-Uk Lee, Hyesun Shin, Su Sie Chin, Ki-Joon Jeon, Sung Hwan Jeong
AP04-108   Characteristics and advantages of silicosis utilized a murine model
    Hyosin Baek (Republic of Korea)*, Se-Ran Yang, Jooyeon Lee, Jaehyun Park, Jimin Jang, Sang-Ryul Cha, Sebi Lee
AP04-109   Long-term air pollution exposure are associated with PRISm and chronic respiratory symptoms: Predictive Value of Inflammatory Biomarkers and FEV1 for COPD (PIFCOPD) Study
    Shanshan Wei (China (Mainland))*, Jiping Liao, Tao Xue, Xiuhua FU, Ruiying Wang, Xiaomin Dang, Cheng Zhang, Hua Qiao, Shujuan Jiang, Jianhong Xiao, Lixia Dong, Jinzhi Yin, Xixin Yan, Weihua Jia, Guifang Zhang, Rui Chen, Bo Zhou, Beibei Song, Jing Li, Mengyu Yin
AP04-110   Anti-fibrotic effect of dipeptide A during progression of chronic fibrosis
    Jaehyun Park (Republic of Korea)*, Jooyeon Lee, Hyosin Baek, Jimin Jang, Sang-Ryul Cha, Se Bi Lee, Se-Ran Yang
AP04-111   Associations between particulate matter and COPD-related genes using RNA-sequencing analysis
    Jeeyoung Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Hawon Song, Sun Shim Choi, Chang-Hoon Lee, Chang Hyun Lee, Woo Jin Kim
Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculous)
AP05-180   Deep learning-based chest radiograph severity score and its change predict all-cause mortality of patients with Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease
    Joong-Yub Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Hyun Woo Lee, Hyung-Jun Kim, Jae Ho Lee, Jae-Joon Yim, Nakwon Kwak, Soon Ho Yoon
AP05-181   Characteristics of patients with idiopathic bronchiectasis in South Korea
    Seo-Young Hwang (Republic of Korea)*, Yeon-Mok Oh
AP05-182   Analysis of influencing factors for quality of life in patients with bronchiectasis based on clinical research
    Feng Song (China (Mainland))*, Yan Wang, Zile Ji, Baichuan Xu, Peng Zhang, Yang Xie
AP05-183   Correlation between lactate dehydrogenase and severity clinical degree of COVID-19 patients
    Halina Julia (Indonesia)*, Fajrinur Syarani, Muntasir Abdullah, Putri Chairani Eyanoer, Ranti Permatasari
AP05-184   Clinical Features of SGTF-infected Patients of SARS-CoV-2
    Triya Damayanti (Indonesia)*, Siti Aliyah Said Utriyani, Nurindah Saloka Trisnaningrum, Primadea Kharismarini, Azlina Darsaniya Wandawa, Mohamad Rizki, Budi Haryanto, Aisyah Aminy Maulidina, Erlina Burhan
AP05-185   Detection of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex by bronchial lavage culture and the relation with titers of anti-glycopeptidolipid-core IgA antibodies in the sera of the patients
    Masafumi Seki (Japan)*, Daishi Shimada
AP05-186   The duration of acute empyema affects intraoperative/postoperative course
    Yuki Yagi (Japan)*, Hiromitsu Domen, Yuta Toji, Mariko Hayashi, Hironobu Takano, Kazuomi Ichinokawa, Yachiyo Iwamura, Hidehisa Yamada
AP05-187   A descriptive cross-sectional study on prevalence of respiratory diseases among patients visiting Jiri District Hospital, Nepal.
    Kiran Paudel (Nepal)*, Durga Rijal, Tara Ballav Adhikari, Sandesh Bhusal, Rajan Paudel, Bikram Paudel, Milan Gaihre, Surya Devkota
AP05-188   Esophagopleural fistula due to foreign body leads to a persistent left sided pyopneumothorax:a rare case
    Katerine Junaidi (Indonesia)*, Russilawati Russilawati, Oea Khairsyaf, Deddy Herman, Afriani Afriani
AP05-189   Covid infection complicated with bilateral spontaneous pneumothoraces - A rarely described entity
    Sugeesha Wickramasinghe (United Kingdom)*, Syed Mehdi, Sharada Gudur
AP05-190   The treatment outcomes of cavitary Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease according to the use of amikacin or streptomycin
    Seong Min Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Tae Sun Shim, Kyung-Wook Jo
AP05-191   Comparison of the pneumonia incidence on chest radiography according to vaccination among COVID-19 patients under 50 years old
    Yong Shik Kwon (Republic of Korea)*, Seong Hwan Youn, Mi-ae Kim, Hyun Jung Kim, Jae Seok Park, Sun Hyo Park, Ji Yeon Lee, Jin Young Kim
AP05-192   Risk of psychological distress in pulmonologist and its associated factors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta, Indonesia
    Shintawati Ramdhani Zaenudin (Indonesia)*, Elisna Syahruddin, Erlina Burhan, Pelita V Sinaga
AP05-193   A successful medical management of a case of necrotizing pneumonia caused by Coliform spp. in a healthy adult: a therapeutic challenge.
    Ayesha Jayawardana (Sri Lanka)*, Madushi Nanayakkara, Chandana Dahanayake, Malinda Hattiarachchi, Eshanth Perera
AP05-194   Pulmonary function among COVID-19 patients in home isolation program
    Narongkorn Saiphoklang (Thailand)*, Pitchayapa Ruchiwit, Apichart Kanitsap, Pichaya Tantiyavarong, Pasitpon Vatcharavongvan, Srimuang Paluangrit, Kanyada Leelasittikul, Apiwat Pugongchai, Orapan Poachanukoon
AP05-195   Oxidative stress and inflammation in neurological patients with COVID-19
    Eugene Borodin (Russia)*, Paul Borodin
AP05-196   Comparison of characteristics of quality of life assessment scales for bronchiectasis
    Yang Xie (China (Mainland))*, Jiaming Ren, Nannan Guo, Peng Zhang, Feng Song
AP05-197   Empirical therapy in necrotizing pneumonia with Sternotrophomonas maltophilia multiple brain abscess
    Cindy Meidy Leony Pradhana (Indonesia)*, Allen Widysanto, Maranatha Liem, Clarissa Moira Pradono, Tasya Meidy Pradhana, Aryasena Andhika Wiedjaja
AP05-198   Cost effectiveness of Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in respiratory tract infections: a literature review
    Phat Ly (Viet Nam)*, 
AP05-199   Volume-changing foam dressing for vacuum-assisted closure therapy in acute lung abscess management
    Siarhei Yermashkevich (Belarus)*, Andrei Ivanou
AP05-200   Impact of Coronavirus disease 2019 on Respiratory Care in Japan: A nationwide survey by the Japanese Respiratory Society
    Mayuka Yamane (Japan)*, Akihito Yokoyama
AP05-201   Early diagnosis of diffuse panbronchiolitis can be predicted by using machine learning algorithm
    Hwan Jin Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Kyung Joon Heo, Jong Hwan Lee, Jong Seung Kim, Seong Jun Yang, Jae Seok Jeong, Yong Chul Lee
AP05-202   COVID-19 in immunosuppressive patients: the clinical presentation, laboratory results, computed tomography findings, outcomes, and prognosis
    Ziya Karimov (Turkey)*, Aynur Aliyeva, Gunay Huseynova, Hakan Turan Kiris, Cansu Tongel, Nur Soyer, Omer Selim Unat, Abdullah Sayiner, Mehmet Sezai Tasbakan
AP05-203   Antibody response over time after a third dose of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine
    Hyeon Hwa Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Heungsup Sung, Hye Kyung Lee, Lothar Hennighausen, Jin-Won Huh
AP05-204   Blowing in the Wind: Use of Incentive Spirometry in Preventing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome for Patients with Moderate COVID
    Ann Crizette Garcia (Philippines)*, Jose Sarenas
AP05-205   Role of Corticosteroids on Organizing Pneumonia, A Late Complication of COVID-19
    Ann Crizette Garcia (Philippines)*, Jose Sarenas, Gian Carlo Arandia
AP05-206   Relationship between disease activity and health-related quality of life and VNTR analysis among patients with pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacteriosis
    Masaki Fujita (Japan)*, Rintaro On, Takemasa Matsumoto, Yusuke Ohsaki, Tomaya Saasaki
AP05-207   Usefulness of molnupiravir and the combination with sotrovimab for COVID-19 patients in a tertiary hospital of Japan
    Masafumi Seki (Japan)*, Haruka Karaushi, Kotaro Mitsutake
AP05-208   Complicated Case of COVID-19 and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
    Eduward Thendiono (Indonesia)*
AP05-209   Severe headache and arrhythmia in a 33-year-old Filipino male with confirmed COVID-19: A case report
    Denzelle Diane Viray (Philippines)*, Ray Aswat, Maria Lowella De Leon, Debbie Liquete, Prian Kae Delos Reyes
AP05-210   Correlation of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, transaminase enzymes, and 4c score in mortality of covid-19 in pregnancy
    Imam Nurjaya (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Deviana Soraya Riu
AP05-211   The correlations among severe community-acquired pneumonia (SCAP) scores with pro-inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19 pneumonia patients
    Komang Agus Trisna Amijaya (Indonesia)*, Umi Solekhah Intansari
AP05-212   Post COVID-19 condition in low risk, non-hospitalized patients
    Changhwan Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Young Seok Lee, Jae Young Moon, Sung Hyun Kim, Sun-hyung Kim, Youjin Chang, Woo Hyun Cho, Won-Young Kim, Won Jai Jung, Sun Jung Kwon, Ho Cheol Kim, Kwang Ha Yoo
AP05-213   Effects of the fourth COVID-19 Vaccination in the Elderly among COVID-19 Confirmed Patients on Death
    Haesook Seo (Republic of Korea)*, Jungsuk Hwang, Daehee Kim, Hara Kang, Hana Cho
AP05-214   Recent increases in influenza-related hospitalizations, critical care resource use, and mortality by seasonal influenza; a 10-year population-based study in South Korea
    Sunghoon Park (Republic of Korea)*, Kyu Jin Lee
AP05-215   Blood biomarkers predict clinical outcomes in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia
    Hee-Young Yoon (Republic of Korea)*, Ganghee Chae, Won-Young Kim, Chi Ryang Chung, Young-Jae Cho, Jinwoo Lee, Yang Jin Jegal, Junghyun Kim, Joon-Sung Joh, Tae Yun Park, Sang Eun Lee, Su-jin Moon, Jin Woo Song
AP05-216   A case of new onset mixed Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis following COVID-19 Infection
    Aida Nazurah Binti Aman Sarifudin (Malaysia)*, Uduman Ali Mohamed Yousuf
AP05-217   Mortality Characteristic of COVID19 in Banda Aceh Indonesia
    Vera Ismayana (Indonesia)*, Ferry Dwi Kurniawan, Teuku Zulfikar, Budi Yanti, Nurrahmah Nurrahmah
AP05-218   Bronchoscopy in the diagnosis and management of drug-induced pneumonitis in immunocompromised patients, a single-centre one-year experience.
    Brian Lee Wei Chua (Singapore)*, Youxin Puan, Timothy Toh, Isaac Fong, Yi Hern Tan
AP05-219   Sensitivity and Specificity of Gene-Xpert as Diagnostic Tool for COVID19 and Association between Cycle Threshold Value of Gene-Xpert and Clinical Outcomes
    Sophon Duangthipnate (Thailand)*, Yuttana Apichatbutra, Uraporn Phumisantiphong
AP05-220   Ascertaining association of comorbid factors and prognosis of COVID-19 patient in bandar lampung city, indonesia, 2020-2021.
    David Tongon Silaen (Indonesia)*, Fransiska Tarida Yuniar Sinaga, Retno Ariza S Soemarwoto, Hetti Rusmini, Nina Marlina, Nurul Halimah Nusyadiyah
AP05-221   COVID-19 outcome: a one year follow-up study of patients who recovered from COVID-19 at lung center of the philippines
    Marc Anthony Donguines (Philippines)*, Pocholo Guadalupe, Racquel Ibanez, Joven Roque Gonong
AP05-222   Astaxanthin protect against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection on well-differentiated primary human nasal epithelial cells
    Ayaho Yamamoto (Australia)*, Peter Sly, Keng Chew, Abrey Yeo, Kirsty Short, Emmanuelle Fantino
AP05-223   Burden of fungal infections involving the respiratory tract in India
    Animesh Ray (India)*, Adarsh Aayilliath K, Sayantan Banerjee, Arunaloke Chakrabarti, David W Denning
AP05-224   A Case of Acute Motor Sensory Axonal Neuropathy: A Variant of Guillain- Barré Syndrome in a patient with SARS-COV-2 infection
    Knille Allenn Mangaya (Philippines)*
AP05-225   Double Trouble: A Case of Pleural and Pericardial Effusion in a 27- Year- Old Woman
    Ann Crizette Garcia (Philippines)*, Giselle Ann Llabado, Jose Sarenas, Maidenlove Paner
AP05-226   Spontaneous pneumomediastinum in the course of COVID-19
    Boon Hau Ng (Malaysia)*, Hsueh Jing Low, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
AP05-227   A case of pulmonary Mycobacterium abscessus treated with modified short course antibiotic.
    Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed (Malaysia)*, Boon Hau Ng, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid, Yu Lin Andrea Ban
AP05-228   Clinical relevance of bronchiectasis in patients with community-acquired pneumonia
    Hyewon Seo (Republic of Korea)*, Seung-Ick Cha, Ji-Eun Park, Sun Ha Choi, Yong Hoon Lee, Seung-Soo Yoo, Shin-Yup Lee, Jaehee Lee, Chang-Ho Kim, Jae-Yong Park
AP05-229   Characteristics and clinical outcomes of patients with Acinetobacter baumannii associated hospital-acquired pneumonia in Korea
    Yunha Nam (Republic of Korea)*, Kyeongman Jeon, Ae-Rin Baek, Soohyun Bae, Sung-Soon Lee, Changhwan Kim, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Woo Hyun Cho, Jin Hyoung Kim, Youjin Chang, Heung Bum Lee, Hyun-Il Gil, Kwang Ha Yoo, Kyung Hoon Min, Jae Young Moon, Sang-Bum Hong
AP05-230   Oxygen saturation measured by a wearable device may predict early treatment response in patients with community-acquired pneumonia
    Yu-Cheng Wu (Taiwan)*, Chiann Yi Hsu, Chien-Chung Huang, Po-Yu Liu, Chieh-Liang Wu
AP05-231   Colistin plus rifampicin combination versus colistin alone in the treatment of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii pneumonia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
    Charlie Clarion (Philippines)*, Francis Gerwin Jalipa, Kenneth-Robert Dooma, Joel Santiaguel
AP05-232   Impairments of pulmonary function tests in post COVID-19 pneumonia.
    Yasser Alkassar (United Arab Emirates)*, Sara Mostafa, Fatma Mahmoud, Rehab AlMaashari, Marwan Najib
AP05-233   Predictive factors associated with success of high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) for COVID-19 related acute hypoxemic respiratory failure in King Narai Hospital, Lopburi
    Phatteera Charitwatchara (Thailand)*
AP05-234   Synthesized HMGB1 peptide attenuates Poly(I:C)-induced lung inflammation in mice
    Takefumi Nikaido (Japan)*, Yoshinori Tanino, Xintao Wang, Yuki Sato, Ryuichi Togawa, Takaya Kawamata, Natsumi Watanabe, Katsuto Tamai, Yoko Shibata
AP05-235   Use of high dose N-acetylcysteine (NAC) among patients with post COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis: a case series
    Kristin Ivan Mark Hizon (Philippines)*, Maria Lowella De Leon, Bernard Demot
AP05-236   A Rare Case of Spontaneous Clostridial Empyema Thoracic
    Boon Hau Ng (Malaysia)*, Hsueh Jing Low, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
AP05-237   The impact of Covid-19 on the diagnostic accuracy and outcomes of patients hospitalized with non-covid-19 pneumonia.
    Tow-Keang Lim (Singapore)*, Louis Widjaja
AP05-238   A Single-Center Study Among Hospital-Acquired and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Patients and Compliance to Infectious Disease Society of America/American Thoracic Society Guidelines
    Maria Monica Salazar (Philippines)*
AP05-239   Diagnostic utility of LDH, serum ferritin, hs-CRP, and D-dimer in predicting invasive mechanical ventilation among COVID-19 patients in a tertiary hospital.
    Maria Theresa Go-Magsino (Philippines)*, Earl Louis Sempio
AP05-240   Laboratory biomarkers and clinical outcomes of COVID-19 patients admitted in a tertiary hospital in Manila, Philippines
    Shane Villamonte (Philippines)*, Maria Piedad Natividad
AP05-241   Evaluation of isothermal nucleic acid amplification assay and real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for Rapid Detection of Influenza Virus
    Jiaying Wang (China (Mainland))*, Ying Lei, Xutao Wang, Haokai Chen, Yaping Li, Xunjie Cao, Ziyuan Yu, Min Lin, Xuguang Guo
AP06-290   Effect of smoking and malnutrition on early sputum culture conversion in multidrug-resistance tuberculosis patients with short term drug regimen in south sumatra indonesia
    Alif Fathurrachman (Indonesia)*, Zacky Amirulah, Zen Ahmad, Linda Andriani, Sudarto Sudarto, Roully Pasaribu, Ahmad Rasyid, Alwi Shahab, Erial Bahar
AP06-291   An uncommon cause of unilateral 6th nerve palsy. Disseminated tuberculosis complicated with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
    Madushanka Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)*, Ruwani Perera, Sampath Liyanage, Ruvanthi Jayasekara, Amitha Fernando, Upul Dissanayake, Arjuna Fernando
AP06-292   Genetic and Phenotypic Epidemiology of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Vietnam
    Jack Callum (Australia)*, Phuong Nguyen, Elena Martinez, Van-Anh Nguyen, Frances Garden, Nhung Nguyen, Thu-Anh Nguyen, Hoa Nguyen, Son Nguyen, Khanh Luu, Jennifer Ho, Nguyen Linh, Warwick Britton, Vitali Sintchenko, Greg Fox, Guy Marks
AP06-293   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Management in Patient with Post-Tuberculosis Lung Disease and Low Cardiorespiratory Endurance
    Siti Chandra Widjanantie (Indonesia)*, Astrid Meilinda, Dina Savitri Utomo, Nury Nusdwinuringtyas, Erlina Burhan, Agus Dwi Susanto, Faisal Yunus
AP06-294   Linezolid induced peripheral neuropathy, a potentially serious irreversible complication of second-line ATT
    Chandana Dahanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Madhushi Nanayakkara, Ayesha Jayawardena, Sandaroo De Silva, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Eshanth Perera
AP06-295   Multidrug‑resistant tuberculosis with chronic kidney disease principles of management
    Mauliza Mauliza (Indonesia)*, Dewi Behtri Yanifitri, Yunita Arliny
AP06-296   The Diagnostic Conundrum of Rifampicin-Induced Thrombocytopenia
    Yen Shen Wong (Malaysia)*, Hui Xin Tan, Mohd Zhafran Zainal Abidin, Aisya Natasya Musa, Muhammad Amin Ibrahim, Mohd Arif Mohd Zim
AP06-297   Primary tuberculous ilio-psoas abscess presenting as a recurrent thigh abscess: A rare presentation of tuberculosis
    Heshani De Silva (Sri Lanka)*, Saman Kularatne, Sampath Liyanage, Menaka Thilakarathna
AP06-298   Lung function profile in post-tuberculosis patients
    Christian Febriandri (Indonesia)*, Triya Damayanti, Fathiyah Isbaniah, Maryastuti Maryastuti
AP06-299   Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain association with clinical severity and rifampicin resistance of pulmonary tuberculosis patients
    Yuly Rahmawati (Indonesia)*, Soedarsono Soedarsono, Ni Made Mertaniasih
AP06-300   Efficacy of treatment of XDR-pulmonary tuberculosis in newly diagnosed and previously treated
    Alexey Tikhonov (Russia)*, Vladimir Romanov, Atajan Ergeshov
AP06-301   Profile of Multi Drug Resistance (MDR) patients at Soedarso General Hospital from January 2021 to December 2021
    Risa Febriana Musawaris (Indonesia)*, Ida Royani, Nyemas Juniarti, Evi Syafariah
AP06-302   Long-term Neurocognitive Outcome in Adult Tuberculous Meningitis: a Systematic Review
    Muhammad Ilham Dhiya Rakasiwi (Indonesia)*, Erlina Burhan, Afid Brilliana Putra, Ihya Fakhrurizal Amin
AP06-303   MIC Distribution of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates from cPMTb Cohort
    Yumi Park (Republic of Korea)*, Sunyoung Lee, Yong-Soon Cho, Jusang Kim, Jee Youn Oh, Tae-Won Jang, Jinsoo Min, Hyun-Kuk Kim, Ho Cheol Kim, Heayon Lee, Jaehee Lee, Yousang Ko, Jin Woo Kim, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Hye Kyeong Park, Jeongha Mok, Kyeong-Cheol Shin, Jae-Gook Shin
AP06-304   The role of thoracoscopic in the treatment of early sequelae of tuberculous pleural effusion in national lung disease hospital - vietnam in 5 years 01 / 2017 - 01 /2022
    Do VU (Viet Nam)*
AP06-305   An unusual presentation of disseminated tuberculosis
    Boon Hau Ng (Malaysia)*, Hsueh Jing Low, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
AP06-306   Tuberculosis Presented as Confined Lower Paraaortic Lymphadenopathies in a Low CD4 Count Non-HIV Female Adult: A Case Report
    Jetrude Kimverly Mae Segui (Philippines)*, Mariel Barcelon-Cruz
AP06-307   A middle aged woman with DM type 2 (diabetic mellitus type 2) and silicotuberculosis : a case report
    Susi Subay (Indonesia)*, Winariani Koesoemoprodjo, Adhitri Anggoro
AP06-308   Double trouble , Bronchopleural Fistula and pleurocutaneous fistula in a single patient.
    Madhushi Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)*, Chandana Dahanayaka, Ayesha Jayawardana, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Eshanth Perera
AP06-309   Markers of clinical and radiological features of pulmonary tuberculosis related to the duration and characteristics of the inflammatory process in adult patients
    Dmytro Butov (Ukraine)*, Alex Rosenthal, Andrei Gabrielian, Mykhailo Kuzhko, Nadiya Sapelnik, Olena Borysova, Tetiana Butova
AP06-310   Successful Treatment of Relapse Cutaneous Tuberculosis on Pregnant Woman with Ethambutol Allergic
    Evelyn Nathania (Indonesia)*, Evelyn Nathania, Jahja Teguh Widjaja, Dian Puspitasari
AP06-311   A Rare Case of Dactylitis Tuberculosis
    Sri Mayasari (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Edward Pandu Wiriansya
AP06-312   What brings patients to the TB clinic? closing the case gap; findings from a district chest clinic in Sri Lanka
    Sammani Wijerathne (Sri Lanka)*, Jeewani Samaraweera, Mangala Karunarathna, Nihal Jayaweera, Lal Pushpakumara, Sumedha Samankantha
AP06-313   Co-existing pulmonary aspergillosis with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in human immunodeficiency (HIV) patient: a case report
    Titin Dani Martiwi (Indonesia)*, Eppy Eppy, Putri Permata Sari, Erlina Burhan, Heidy Agustin, Dewi Yenita Sari
AP06-314   Secondary pyomyositis in a Tuberculosis prevelant country
    Madhushi Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)*, Chandana Dahanayaka, Ayesha Jayawardana, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Eshanth Perera
AP06-315   Detection of stool acid-fast bacilli examination in intestinal tuberculosis : a rare case report
    Hasanah Hasanah (Indonesia)*, Efriadi Ismail, Heidy Agustin, Budi Haryanto
AP06-316   Comparison before and after the introduction of tuberculosis adequacy assessment in Korea in Veterans Health Service Medical Center
    Keun Bum Chung (Republic of Korea)*, Dar Seul Kim, Hye-Rin Kang, Jin hwa Song, Yeonkyung Park, Ha-Kyeong Won, Soo Jung Kim, Hyo-Jeong Lim, Byoung-Jun Lee, Young Mee Ahn
AP06-317   A-rare case report: Cholangitis with stricture of the bile ducts in hepatobiliary tuberculosis
    Jamaluddin Madolangan (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Erwin Syarifuddin
AP06-318   Online quiz: An innovative formative assessment strategy for undergraduate medical students
    Saswati Das (India)*, Shailza Verma
AP06-319   A case of Contarini’s Syndrome in a COVID-19 positive with viral myocarditis and diabetic ketoacidosis
    Ria Katrina Cortez (Philippines)*, Charlie Clarion, Albert Mitchell Yap, Ma. Kriselda Karlene Tan
AP06-320   Tuberculosis in organo-genitalia feminine : A case report
    Haeriah Sabaruddin (Indonesia)*, Irawaty Djaharuddin, Edward Pandu Wiriansya
AP06-321   Secondary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: A case report
    Huy Le Ngoc (Viet Nam)*, Ngoc Nguyen Thi Bich, Anh Nguyen Thi Tuan, Thinh Nguyen Hoang, Luong Dinh Van
AP06-322   Intestinal tuberculosis - a great mimicker of crohn’s disease
    Arthihai Srirangan (Sri Lanka)*, Niranjan Chandramal, Sameera Gamlath, Asha Samaranayake, Ravini Karunathilaka
AP06-323   Recurrent hydropneumothorax leading to bronchopleural fistula
    Muhammad Ayip (Indonesia)*, Harun Iskandar
AP06-324   Effectiveness of household contact investigation combined with tuberculosis preventive treatment in an intermediate tuberculosis burden country: A nationwide investigation
    Kang-Mo Gu (Republic of Korea)*, Sun-Young Jung, Jae-Eun Lee, Joo-Hyeon Eom, Kyungeun Lee, Yong-Joon Park, Yunhyung Kwon, Youmi Kim, Jae Chol Choi
AP06-325   A Case of Tuberculosis Presenting as Mediastinal Mass
    Ann Crizette Garcia (Philippines)*, Ryan Cinco, Jetrude Kimverly Mae Segui, Alexine Pherrie Panaligan, Gian Carlo Arandia
AP06-326   Henoch schonlein purpura in pulmonary tuberculosis patient
    Fadhlul Huda Suardi (Indonesia)*, Dewi Behtri Yanifitri, Yunita Arliny
AP06-327   A case of isoniazid- induced cerebellitis
    Glenn Yong (Singapore)*, Caroline Choong, Rebecca Hoe
AP06-328   Development of Population Pharmacokinetics Model and Bayesian Estimation of Rifampicin Exposure in Indonesian Patients with Tuberculosis
    Rannissa Puspita Jayanti (Republic of Korea)*, Soedarsono Soedarsono, Ni Made Mertaniasih, Tutik Kusmiati, Ariani Permatasari, Anita Nur Charisma, Rika Yuliwulandari, Quang Hoa Pham, Ky Phat Nguyen, Anh Thu Vo Thuy, Ky Anh Nguyen, Sangzin Ahn, Phuoc Long Nguyen, Yong-Soon Cho, Jae-Gook Shin
AP06-329   Pharmacogenomic variations associated with drug response of rifampin in Korean patients
    Hoang Dat Nguyen (Republic of Korea)*, Thi Vinh Hoa Nguyen, Chi Dung Nguyen, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Hyun-Kuk Kim, Hye Kyeong Park, Hyuk Pyo Lee, Jeongha Mok, Tae-Won Jang, Kyeong-Cheol Shin, Jee Youn Oh, Bo Hyoung Kang, Jusang Kim, Jinsoo Min, Heayon Lee, Phuoc Long Nguyen, Yong-Soon Cho, Jae-Gook Shin
AP06-330   The effect of anti-TNF agents on the development of drug resistance in pulmonary tuberculosis
    Jeongmi Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Yoonki Hong, Ji-Young Hong, Jinkyeong Park
AP06-331   Characteristics and outcomes for tuberculosis (TB) patients treated with fixed dose combination (FDC) therapy
    Arnab Chatterjee (Australia)*, Vicky Chang
AP06-332   Comparison Effect of Antidiabetic drugs with Metformin and without Metformin to Conversion Acid-Fast Bacilli Sputum in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Harun Iskandar (Indonesia)*, Fransiscus A Wabia, Husaini Umar, Erwin Arief
AP06-333   Clinical characteristics and predictive factors of delayed tuberculosis diagnosis during hospital admission
    Inhan Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Joon-Sung Joh, Ina Jeong, Junghyun Kim, Joohae Kim, Ji Yeon Lee
AP06-334   Population pharmacokinetics analysis for interethnics comparison of pyrazinamide exposure between korean and indonesian patients with tuberculosis
    Ryunha Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Rannissa Puspita Jayanti, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Hyun-Kuk Kim, Hye Kyeong Park, Hyuk Pyo Lee, Jeongha Mok, Tae-Won Jang, Kyeong-Cheol Shin, Jee Youn Oh, Bo Hyoung Kang, Jusang Kim, Jinsoo Min, Heayon Lee, Soedarsono Soedarsono, Quang Hoa Pham, Sangzin Ahn, Phuoc Long Nguyen, Yong-Soon Cho, Jae-Gook Shin
AP06-335   Distribution of drug exposure and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic predictor of first-line anti-TB drugs in a Korean prospective cohort study
    Yong-Soon Cho (Republic of Korea)*, Jusang Kim, Jee Youn Oh, Tae-Won Jang, Jinsoo Min, Hyun-Kuk Kim, Ho Cheol Kim, Heayon Lee, Jaehee Lee, Yousang Ko, Jin Woo Kim, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Ho-Kee Yum, Yumi Park, Nguyen Phuoc Long, Jae-Gook Shin
AP06-718   Induced sputum in the diagnosis of smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis
    Minh Sang Nguyen (Viet Nam)*, Thu Phuong Phan
AP06-719   Induced sputum in the diagnosis of smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis 
    Minh Sang Nguyen (Vietnam)*, Thu Phuong Phan
AP07-372   A study of Adenosine Deaminase Activity and its isoenzyme in COPD patients with acute exacerbations.
    Ibrahim Salaheldin Ibrahim (Egypt)*, Heba Khalil, Fawzy El-emery, Amira Ahmed
AP07-373   Effect of Broncho-vaxom® (OM-85) on risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation
    Joon Young Choi (Republic of Korea)*, Kwang Ha Yoo, Yong Bum Park, Tai Joon An, Chin Kook Rhee
AP07-374   Early COPD subtypes as predictors of COPD exacerbation
    Nam Eun Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Eun-Hwa Kang, Chin Kook Rhee, Yong Il Hwang, Kwang Ha Yoo, Ki-Suck Jung, Jin Hwa Lee
AP07-375   Serum Alkaline phosphatase and acute exacerbation of COPD
    Kyu Jin Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Seung Hun Jang, Ki-Suck Jung, Yong Bum Park, Kwang Ha Yoo, Chin Kook Rhee, Jiyoung Park, Sunghoon Park, Yong Il Hwang
AP07-376   The plasma level of angiogenic transcription factor SOX18 in COPD patients and its association with lung function and exacerbations
    Shinhee Park (Republic of Korea)*, Pureun-Haneul Lee, Ae-Rin Baek, Jong-Sook Park, Junehyuk Lee, Sung-Woo Park, Do-Jin Kim, An-Soo Jang
AP07-377   Small airway narrowing and the risk of COPD exacerbation: analysis from prospective KOCOSS Cohort
    Hyonsoo Joo (Republic of Korea)*, Youlim Kim, Sang Hyuk Kim, Chin Kook Rhee, Ji-yong Moon
AP07-378   Practice Patterns Survey on Tiotropium among Clinicians in Nepal
    Ashesh Dhungana (Nepal)*, Snehal Vishwakarma, Vaibhav Gaur, Jaideep Gogtay
AP07-379   Evaluating the outcomes affected by switching from multiple-inhaler triple therapy to single-inhaler triple therapy in patients with stable COPD
    Masaaki Kusunose (Japan)*, Mio Mori, Ryo Sanda, Koichi Nishimura
AP07-380   A real-world study about exacerbations and medical cost of COPD according to inhaler use
    Kyu Jin Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Yong Il Hwang, Myung Goo Lee, Seun Hun Jang, Yong Bum Park, Kwang Ha Yoo, Ki-Suck Jung
AP07-381   Comparison of clinical efficacy and patient’s satisfaction of tiotropium respimat® adminisatration with and without aero-chamber in patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed (Malaysia)*, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid, Hemalatha Munusamy, Andrea Ban Yu-Lin, Boon Hau Ng, Mas Fazlin Mohamad Jailaini
AP07-382   Assessment of Correct Inhaler Prescription using In-Check DIAL G16® in Advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients. 
    Mas Fazlin Mohamad Jailaini (Malaysia)*, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Boon Hau Ng, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Azat Azrai Azmel, Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
AP07-383   Comparison of the outcomes and medical cost from initiation of LAMA vs ICS/LABA in treatment-naïve COPD patients; findings from the CITRUS study
    Youlim Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Chin Kook Rhee, Yong Il Hwang, Yong Bum Park, So Eun Lee, Doik Lee, Kwang Ha Yoo
AP07-384   A study to understand the portion and characteristics of patients with suboptimal peak inspiratory flow rate in dry powder inhaler users for COPD in Korea
    Ji-Yong Moon (Republic of Korea)*, Youlim Kim, Chin Kook Rhee, Seung Won Ra, Chang Youl Lee, Joo Hun Park, Yong Bum Park, Kwang Ha Yoo
AP07-385   Advances in the treatment of respiratory failure by external diaphragmatic electrical stimulation
    Yan Gu (China (Mainland))*, Meina Wang
AP07-386   A COPD patient with persistent decompensated type II respiratory failure with acidosis not responding to Bi-level ventilation
    Eamon Sweeney (Australia)*, Simon Proctor, Lewis Xiao, Vinod Aiyappan
AP07-387   A rare case of combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema complicated with an aspergilloma
    Madushanka Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)*, Lakmini Dassanayake, Ruvanthi Jayasekara, Amitha Fernando
AP07-388   Tiotropoum survey on practice patterns among clinicians in Sri Lanka: The TRUST survey
    Vaibhav Gaur (India)*, Thushara Galabada, Snehal Vishwakarma, Jaideep Gogtay
AP07-389   Correlation of clinical COPD questionnaire(CCQ) with BODE index in stable patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - a cross-sectional study
    Aparna Chatterjee Aparna (India)*, Debraj Jash Debraj
AP07-390   Analysis of the relationship between quality of life, physical activity and prognostic index in individuals with COPD
    Carolina Castellari (Brazil)*, Rodrigo Luiz, Marilia Ferreira, Thais Freire, Mariana Oliveira, Adriana Sousa, Daniela Ike, Dirceu Costa
AP07-391   Smartphone enabled informatics platform for the self-management of COPD in India
    Ashwani Verma (India)*, Ashok Behera, Monirul Islam
AP07-392   Psychometric Analysis of the newly translated Malaysian version of COPD Self-Efficacy Scale by Rasch analysis
    Muhammad Qamar (Malaysia)*, Amudha Kadirvelu, Sivalal Sadasivan, Cai Lian Tam, Sohail Ahmad, Ahmed Izuanuddin Ismail
AP07-393   The characteristic of decision making withdrawal or withholding in patients with terminal chronic pulmonary disease in tertiary hospital after The Hospice, palliative Care, and Life-sustaining treatment decision-making Act.
    Hyo Jin Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Sung Hyung Kim, Mi-Young Kim, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Hongyeul Lee
AP07-394   Utility of 6 minute walk test (6MWT) as a screening tool to assess the disease severity of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients
    Anal Chandra Das (Bangladesh)*, Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmad, Mohammad Aminul Islam, Hena Khatun, Mohammad Tuhiduzzaman, Md. Mamun Newaz, Sharmin Afroze, Sharmin Sultana
AP07-395   Correlation between parameters of cardiopulmonary exercise testing and symptoms of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Bo Ra Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Jae Seung Lee
AP07-396   Concurrent validity comparison between conventional pulmonary function test device to verify the clinical usefulness of the portable pulmonary function device ‘The Spirokit’ for COPD patients.
    Byeong-Soo Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Sung-Soo Jung, Hong-Jun Kim, Dong-Ill Park Park, Seong-Dae Woo, Ji-Su Kim, So-Yeon Park, Myung-Mo Lee
AP07-397   Airflow Obstruction and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    Jaeuk Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Hye Jung Park, Min Kwang Byun, Chi Young Kim, Sojung Shin, Youlim Kim, Chin Kook Rhee, Ki Suck Jung, Kwang Ha Yoo
AP07-398   The role of impulse oscillometry in patients with COPD
    Heemoon Park (Republic of Korea)*, Kwang Young Choi, Hyo-Jin Lee, Hyun Woo Lee, Tae Yeon Park, Eun Young Heo, Deog Kyeom Kim, Jung-Kyu Lee
AP07-399   Factors associated with the discrepancy between exercise capacity and airflow limitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Ho Choel Kim (Republic of Korea)*, I Re Heo, Tae Hoon Kim
AP07-400   Association of Preserved Ratio Impaired Spirometry with Respiratory Health Outcomes in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    Jing Liu (China (Mainland))*, Fan Wu, Huanhuan Fan, Ningning Zhao, Yumin Zhou, Pixin Ran
AP07-401   Vitamin D3 supplementation on ventilatory functions and exercise tolerance in D3 deficient patients with COPD - A randomized controlled trial
    Samia Hassan (Bangladesh)*, Saifuddin Bennoor Kazi, Taskina Ali, Md Ali Hossain, Mustafijur Rahman, Md Abdus Shakur Khan
AP07-402   A language-specific (Chinese) pulmonary rehabilitation program and its impact on patient outcomes - a 2-year prospective cohort study in Sydney, Australia.
    Titus Auyeung (Australia)*, Osborne Jiang, Vicky Chang, Benjamin Kwan
AP07-403   Modified Dantien-Salee yoga training for COPD rehabilitation
    Duangjun Phantayuth (Thailand)*, Benjamas Chuaychoo, Salee Supaporn, Arth Nana
AP07-404   Evaluation of compliance of pulmonary rehabilitation program in COPD patients
    Eun So Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Areum Han, Jae Deog Ahn, Sung Min Zo, Sae Rom Kim, Yun Joo Im, Bo Guen Kim, Hye Yun Park, Sun Hye Shin
AP07-405   Meta-analysis of the efficacy of telerespiratory rehabilitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - Systematic review analysis of remote respiratory rehabilitation
    Qi Jing (China (Mainland))*, Gu Yan
AP07-720   Hemostasis parameters in the patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the period of persistent symptomatic new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
    Ekaterina Kulik (Russia)*, Valentina Pavlenko, Svetlana Naryshkina, Margarita Sulima, Larisa Reshetnikova, Irina Soluyanova, Olga Goncharova, Anastasia Bakina, Viktor Bardov
Lung Cancer
AP08-458   Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the thumb with distant metastases to the lung, sacroiliac joint, distal phalanx of the foot and nasal vestibule: A case report
    Rhea Espinosa (Philippines)*, Alipio Abad Jr.
AP08-459   Primary Pleural Liposarcoma: A case report
    Jael Victoria Supan (Philippines)*, Cristine Mercy Cabebe, Rizal Alberto Jr. Nolido
AP08-460   Adenocarcinoma of the Lung is Strongly Associated with Heavy Smoker
    Ikhsan Budi (Indonesia)*, Arif Santoso, Erwin Arief
AP08-461   Relationship between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer
    Lam Nguyen Son (Viet Nam)*
AP08-462   Clinical prognosis of lung cancer in patients with moderate chronic kidney disease
    Taehee Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Sang Hyuk Kim, Hayoung Choi, Tae Rim Shin, Hwan Il Kim, Seung Hun Jang, Ji Young Hong, Myung Goo Lee, Soojie Chung, In Gyu Hyun, Yun Su Sim
AP08-463   A case of resection of a lung adenocarcinoma with an observable course of cyst formation due to tumorigenesis
    Mari Ujike-Hikichi (Japan)*, Ichiro Tsujino, Ryoma Tanaka, Kota Tsuya, Jin Ikeda, Daisuke Sato, Katsuhiko Ogawa, Tetsuo Shimizu, Yutaka Suzuki, Hiroyuki Sakurai, Yasuhiro Gon
AP08-464   Lung Adenocarcinoma related smoking : higher prevalence in NSCLC
    Ikhsan Budi (Indonesia)*, Arif Santoso, Erwin Arief
AP08-465   Digital Aging and Mental Health Deteriorations: How Can We Mitigate the Risk among The Older People with Lung Cancer Disease in Indonesia?
    Rosinta Hotmaida Pebrianti Purba (Indonesia)*
AP08-466   Calcifying Fibrous Tomur of the Pleura without Gross Calcification
    Hwan Jin Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Wonkyo Yi, So Ri Kim, Yeong Hun Choe, Jae Seok Jeong, Yong Chul Lee
AP08-467   Outcome of surgery in patients with operable locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, the retrospective study
    Rittigorn Apinhapanit (Thailand)*, Thitiwat Sriprasart, Vichai Benjacholamaj
AP08-468   Rapid disease progression in MET-amplified and RNA-binding protein 10/epidermal growth factor receptor co-mutated lung adenocarcinoma
    Tae Woo Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Seung Hyeun Lee
AP08-469   Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in a patient with small cell lung cancer and anti-transcriptional intermediary factor 1-γ antibody-positive dermatomyositis: A case report
    Yoonjoo Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Chaeuk Chung, Dongil Park, Song-Yi Choi
AP08-470   Impact of overexpression of common target genes on long-term outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer patients with negative surgical margins
    Bolortuya Jambaldorj (Mongolia)*, Tseepil Enebish, Batbold Ochirchuulgan, Solongo Bandi, Ichinnorov Dashtseren
AP08-471   Role of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 1 (IDH 1) as a Plasma Biomarker for the Differentiation Between Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Lung
    M.H.Siddique Mofazzal (Bangladesh)*, Sarmin Sultana Sarmin
AP08-472   The patients’ characteristics and the clinical outcomes in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients with HER2 mutation
    Pei-Ya Liao (Taiwan)*, Yen-Hsiang Huang, Kuo-Hsuan Hsu, Jeng-Sen Tseng, Po-Hsin Lee, Tsung-Ying Yang
AP08-473   Is Nivolumab plus Ipilimumab with chemotherapy better than other options among patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer?
    Ayami Kaneko (Japan)*, Nobuaki Kobayashi, Hiromi Matsumoto, Sosuke Kubo, Syuhei Teranishi, Nobuhiko Fukuda, Chisato Kamimaki, Hiroaki Fuji, Ayako Aoki, Yoichi Tagami, Keisuke Watanabe, Nobuyuki Horita, Yu Hara, Masaki Yamamoto, Kenji Miura, Naoki Miyazawa, Harumi Koizumi, Makoto Kudo, Takeshi Kaneko
AP08-474   Bedaquiline Correlation to QT Intervals Prolongation in Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (DR-TB) patients at Arifin Achmad General Hospital, Riau Province
    Vandu Primadana (Indonesia)*, Indra Yovi, Dyah Siswati
AP08-475   Analysis and Evaluation of Ejection Fraction Value of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients Receiving Chemotherapy with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin in Arifin Achmad Hospital, Riau Province
    Tengku Adriansyah (Indonesia)*, Sri Melati Munir, Dyah Siswanti
AP08-476   Efficacy and safety of carboplatin+ paclitaxel chemotherapy compared to carboplatin + vinorelbine for NSCLC
    Nirmalasari Hakim (Indonesia)*, Arif Santoso
AP08-477   Successful crizotinib retreatment after crizotinib-related interstitial lung disease in a patients with ROS1-rearranged advanced lung adenocarcinoma
    Hyung Keun Cha (Republic of Korea)*, Woo Kyung Ryu, Mi Hwa Park, Jun Hyeok Lim, Jung Soo Kim, Jeong-Seon Ryu, Seung Min Kwak, Hong Lyeol Lee, Hae-Seong Nam
AP08-478   Comparative safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A systematic review and network meta-analysis
    Ching-Yi Chen (Taiwan)*, Chi-Hsien Huang, Wang-Chun Chen, Ming-Shyan Huang, Yu-Feng Wei
AP08-479   Real-world efficacy of afatinib versus erlotinib in treating advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the lung
    Po-Hsin Lee (Taiwan)*, Yen-Hsiang Huang, Kuo-Hsuan Hsu, Jeng-Sen Tseng, Tsung-Ying Yang
AP08-480   Enhanced metastasis of B16F10 melanoma cells in glyoxalase 1-deficient tumor microenvironment
    Ji-Hye Jung (Republic of Korea)*, Ji-young Kim, Suji Jeong, Seon-Sook Han, Seok-Ho Hong
AP08-481   Predicting postoperative lung function in lung cancer patients by using radiological biomarkers
    Oh Beom Kwon (Republic of Korea)*, Chang Dong Yeo
AP08-482   Anterior mediastinal tumor of tyhmoma stage iv in young age; rare case
    Afriani Afriani (Indonesia)*, Sabrina Ermayanti
AP08-483   A multicenter, open-label, phase II trial of pemetrexed plus bevacizumab in elderly patients with advanced or recurrent non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer
    Yohei Yabuki (Japan)*, Kenji Otsuka, Hirokazu Ogino, Eiji Takeuchi, Takashi Haku, Takanori Kanematsu, Naoki Nishimura, Yuko Toyoda, Masaki Hanibuchi, Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Yuki Tsukazaki, Ryohiko Ozaki, Hiroto Yoneda, Hiroshi Nokihara, Yasuhiko Nisihioka
AP08-484   Deubiquitinating enzyme regulates glyoxalase 1-mediated proliferation and apoptosis of human lung cancer cells
    Ji-Young Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Ji-Hye JUNG, Seon-Sook Han, Suresh Ramakrishna, Seok-Ho Hong
AP08-485   Incidentally found resectable lung cancer with the usage of artificial intelligence on chest radiographs
    Se Hyun Kwak (Republic of Korea)*, Eun-Kyung Kim, Myung Hyun Kim, Hyun Joo Shin, Eun Hye Lee
AP08-486   Quality of life of lung cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic
    Jennifer Sunukanto (Indonesia)*, Hanna Afladhia, Amanda Aji, Sita Andarini, Elisna Syahruddin
AP08-487   Phase II study of IRInotecan after COmbined chemo-immunotherapy for extensive-disease small cell lung cancer; IRICO study
    Hiromi Tomono (Japan)*, Minoru Fukuda, Takaya Ikeda, Seiji Nagashima, Sawana Ono, Hirokazu Taniguchi, Hiroshi Gyotoku, Shinnosuke Takemoto, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Tokutaro Daa, Yasushi Hisamatsu, Ryotaro Morinaga, Ryuta Tagawa, Ryosuke Ogata, Yosuke Dotsu, Hiroaki Senju, Hiroshi Soda, Katsumi Nakatomi, Nanae Sugasaki, Akitoshi Kinoshita
AP08-488   Treatment of elderly (>70 years) with lung cancer. A five-year material in clinical practice from Gavle Hospital -Sweden.
    Hirsh Koyi (Sweden)*, Eva Branden, Nikolaos Melas
AP08-489   Plasma droplet digital PCR for T790M in advanced EGFR-mutant NSCLC patients on first- or second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors
    Chun-Ta Huang (Taiwan)*, Chih-An Lin, Te-Jen Su, Ching-Yao Yang, Tzu-Hsiu Tsai, Chia-Lin Hsu, Wei-Yu Liao, Kuan-Yu Chen, Chao-Chi Ho, Chong-Jen Yu
AP08-490   The highest expression of EGFR mutation among the genetic profiling in Advanced Stage Squamous Cell Lung Cancer
    Sry Rahayu Alimuddin (Indonesia)*, Arif Santoso, Erwin Arief
AP08-491   Phase I study of amrubicin plus cisplatin with concurrent accelerated hyperfractionated thoracic radiotherapy for limited-stage small cell lung cancer; Protocol of ACIST study
    Kazumasa Akagi (Japan)*, Hirokazu Taniguchi, Minoru Fukuda, Takuya Yamazaki, Ryuta Tagawa, Hiromi Tomono, Takayuki Suyama, Yosuke Dotsu, Midori Shimada, Hiroshi Gyotoku, Hiroaki Senju, Shinnosuke Takemoto, Takaya Ikeda, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Kazutoshi Komiya, Katsumi Nakatomi, Eisuke Sasaki, Seiji Nagashima, Hiroshi Soda, Hiroshi Mukae
AP08-492   Dual inhibitory effects of novel Naringenin analogue in tobacco-carcinogen induced lung cancer via inhibition of PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway
    Vikas Kumar (India)*, Firoz Anwar
AP08-493   Association of muscle mass with the risk of lung cancer in never-smokers
    So Yeon Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Soon Ho Yoon, Seung Ho Choi, Hyun Sook Hong, Ji Myung Park, Jae Young Cho, Nak Won Gwak, Sun Mi Choi, Jin Woo Lee, Young Sik Park
AP08-494   SPINK1 is a prognosis predicting factor of nonsmall cell lung cancer
    Chi Young Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Yoon JIN Cha, Eun Hye Lee, Sang Hoon Lee, Eun Young Kim, Duk Hwan Moon, Sungsoo Lee, Yoon Soo Chang
AP08-495   Outcome of surgery in patients with operable locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the retrospective study
    Rittigorn Apinhapanit (Thailand)*, Thitiwat Sriprasart, Vichai Benjacholamaj
AP08-496   How much private data is needed for deep learning in lung nodule detection on CT scans? A retrospective multicenter study
    Kyoung Min Moon (Republic of Korea)*, Jeong Woo Son, Ji Young Hong, Yoon Kim, Woo Jin Kim, Dae-Yong Shin, Hyun-Soo Choi, So Hyeon Bak
AP08-497   Chemotherapeutic agents and the EGFR-TKI osimertinib provoke calreticulin exposure in non-cell lung cancer
    Hiroyuki Inoue (Japan)*, Rie Furukawa, Yasuto Yoneshima, Hirono Tsutsumi, Eiji Iwama, Yuki Ikematsu, Nobuhisa Ando, Yoshimasa Shiraishi, Keiichi Ota, Kentaro Tanaka, Isamu Okamoto
AP08-498   Impact of TTF-1 Immunostaining on the efficacy of platinum-based chemotherapy in Japanese non-squamous non-small-cell lung cancer patients
    Akira Nakao (Japan)*, Hiroyuki Inoue, Nobumitsu Ikeuchi, Fumiyasu Igata, Takashi Aoyama, Masaki Fujita
AP08-499   Presepsin to predict the prognostic value in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer receiving immune check inhibitors: a retrospective study
    Jeong Suk Koh (Republic of Korea)*, Yoonjoo Kim, Song-I Lee, Da Hyun Kang, Dongil Park, Chaeuk Chung, Jeong Eun Lee
AP08-500   Tumor Microenvironment Characteristics in a Patient With Rapidly Progressive Lung Adenocarcinoma
    Chi Young Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Yoon JIN Cha, Eun Hye Lee, Sang Hoon Lee, Eun Young Kim, Duk Hwan Moon, Sungsoo Lee, Yoon Soo Chang
AP08-501   Exonuclease 1 genetic variant is associated with clinical outcomes of pemetrexed chemotherapy in lung adenocarcinoma
    Ji Eun Park (Republic of Korea)*, Mi Jeong Hong, Shin Yup Lee, Jang Hyuck Lee, Jin Eun Choi, Hyo-Gyoung Kang, Sook Kyung Do, Ji Yun Jeong, Kyung Min Shin, Won Ki Lee, Sun Ha Choi, Yong Hoon Lee, Hye won Seo, Seung Soo Yoo, Jaehee Lee, Seung Ick Cha, Chang Ho Kim, Jae Yong Park
AP08-502   Nivolumab as maintenance therapy following platinum-based chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients after tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy: a single-arm, open-label, phase 2 trial
    Jiwon Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Wonjun Ji, Chang Min Choi, Jae Cheol Lee
AP08-503   Overdiagnosis of lung cancer in never-smokers with low-dose computed tomography in Korean women
    So Yeon Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Yong Sik Park, Seung Ho Choi, Seung Hun Jang, Yeol Kim
AP08-504   Five-year overall survival and prognostic factors in patients with lung cancer: Results from the Korean Association of Lung Cancer Registry (KALC-R) 2015
    Da Som Jeon (Republic of Korea)*, Ho Cheol Kim, Se Hee Kim, Tae-Jung Kim, Hong Kwan Kim, Mi Hyung Moon, Kyongmin Sarah Beck, Yang-Gun Suh, Changhoon Song, Jin Seok Ahn, Jeong Eun Lee, Jeong Uk Lim, Jae Hyun Jeon, Kyu-won Jung, Chi Young Jung, Jeong Su Cho, Yoo-Duk Choi, Seung-Sik Hwang, Chang-Min Choi
AP08-505   Low diffusion capacity predicts poor prognosis in extensive stage small cell lung cancer
    Heeyun Ahn (Republic of Korea)*, Jee Seon Kim, Kyung Soo Hong, Kwan Ho Lee, Jin Hong Chung, Kyeong Cheol Shin, Eun Young Choi, Hyun Jung Jin, Jong Geol Jang, June Hong Ahn
AP09-519   Real-world efficacy of “fixed triple” single-inhaler combinations in COPD and asthma patients
    Taichi Mochizuki (Japan)*, Hiroyuki Arai, Yasushi Inoue, Ryuta Ueda, Seisuke Nagase, Akira Umeda, Yasuo To, Kenji Tsushima
AP09-520   Validity and responsiveness of euroqol-5-dimensions in asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Ai-Ping Chua (Singapore)*, Sonia Soh, Le-Ann Chen, Ling-Jie Cheng, Nan Luo
AP09-521   The asthma some risks of adults in the Industrial city
    Densenbal Dansran (Mongolia)*, Ichinnorov Dashtseren, Sarantuya Jav
AP09-522   The significance of soluble ST2 in patients with bronchial asthma
    Keitaro Nakamoto (Japan)*, Masato Watanabe, Chika Miyaoka, Yuki Yoshida, Aya Hirata, Manabu Ishida, Kojiro Honda, Saori Takata, Takeshi Saraya, Haruyuki Ishii
AP09-523   Association between house dust mite specific immunoglobulin E and fractionated exhaled nitric oxide in uncontrolled asthma patients
    Nidya Sandi Bahana (Indonesia)*, Triya Damayanti, Budhi Antariksa, Heri Wibowo
AP09-524   Assesment of quality of life in asthmatic patients and influencing factors
    Tumen-Ulzii Gankhuyag (Mongolia)*, Densenbal Dansran, Udval Dulamsuren, Solongo Khurts, Naidansuren Tsendeekhuu, Oyunchimeg Magvannorov, Manaljav Tseden-Ish, Amartuvshin Ganbold, Nariya Namnan, Solongo Khurts
AP09-525   The measurement of obesity associated with the levels of asthma control among Thai female asthmatic populations
    Ketsarin Yotmon (Thailand)*, Borwarnluck Thongthawee, Orapan Poachanukoon
AP09-526   Clinical features of Aspergillus sensitisation in uncontrolled asthma patients : a pilot study in Indonesia
    Wulansari Rumanda (Indonesia)*, Triya Damayanti, Anna Rozaliyani
AP09-527   FEF 25-75% and its correlation with markers of allergic inflammation
    Mateen Uzbeck (United Arab Emirates)*, Ali Wahla, Zaid Zoumot, Said Isse, Mohammad Abuzakouk, Niyas Papparuth, Irfan Shafiq
AP09-528   Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Cytokines Changes After Bronchial Thermoplasty
    Nophol Leelayuwatanakul (Thailand)*, Pimpayao Sodsai, Vorawut Thanthitaweewat, Virissorn Wongsrichanalai, Thitiwat Sriprasart
AP09-529   Vitamin D content in pregnant women with bronchial asthma in a sharply continental climate
    Tatiana Luchnikova (Russia)*, Olga Prikhodko
AP09-530   Eosinophilic inflammation in asthma patients with various types of airway hyperresponsiveness
    Juliy Perelman (Russia)*, Aleksey Pirogov, Anna Prikhodko, Leonid Nakhamchen
Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep
AP10-543   Evaluation of sleep quality among doctors working in medical wards in a tertiary care center using Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index: A descriptive study.
    Madushanka Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)*, Ruvanthi Jayasekara, Amitha Fernando
AP10-544   Prevalence of Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and co-morbidities associated with it in a Tertiary Center in Pahang
    Haly Rozie Ahmad (Malaysia)*, Yu Kuan Tan, Megat Razeem Abd Razak
AP10-545   Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adherence to positive airway pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
    Soo-min Jo (Republic of Korea)*, Jaeyoung Cho
AP10-546   Upper Respiratory Reflux and Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction: The Study of Heart Rate Variability, Risk of Having Sleep Disordered Breathing, and Its Inclination Towards Anxiety-Depression.
    Khoirul Anam (Indonesia)*, Syahrial Marsinta Hutauruk, Elvie Zulka Kautzia Rachmawati, Rudi Putranto, Muhadi Muhadi, Winnugroho Wiratman
AP10-547   Clinical Significance of Sleep Apnea Syndromein Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
    Ryuichi Togawa (Japan)*, Yoshinori Tanino, Takefumi Nikaido, Yuki Sato, Takaya Kawamata, Natsumi Watanabe, Naoko Fukuhara, Tomoyoshi Lee, Riko Sato, Takumi Onuma, Hikaru Tomita, Mikako Saito, Mami Rikimaru, Julia Morimoto, Yasuhito Suzuki, Hiroyuki Minemura, Junpei Saito, Kenya Kanazawa, Yoko Shibata,
AP10-548   Clinical presentation and treatment adherence of older adults referred for obstructive sleep apnoea
    Ya Hui Jan Lee (Singapore)*, Wang Jie Tan, Jennifer Abad Trinidad, Chuen Peng Lee, John Arputhan Abisheganaden, Geak Poh Tan
AP10-549   Cohort profile : the Korean Obstructive Sleep apnea MOrbidity Study (KOSMOS)
    Sei Won Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Hyeon Hui Kang, Sang Haak Lee
Critical Care Medicine
AP11-574   Acquired central alveolar hypoventilation as a sequelae of brainstem tuberculoma
    Boon Hau Ng (Malaysia)*, Hsueh Jing Low, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
AP11-575   A Meta-analysis on Preoperative Incentive Spirometry in Preventing Pulmonary Ateletasis in Post-Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients
    Rachelle Kay Dela torre-Mangente (Philippines)*, Ria Katrina Cortez
AP11-576   Case of Post hypercapnic metabolic alkalosis
    Lakmini Dassanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Amitha Fernando, Aflah Sadikeen, Prasanjanie Jayasinghe
AP11-577   Predictors of consciousness recovery improvement in patients with hypoglycemic encephalopathy.
    Jinkyeong Park (Republic of Korea)*, Seung Eun Lee, Eun Ja Lee, YeeHyung Kim
AP11-578   Survival time of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients using mechanical ventilation during first wave pandemi at National Respiratory Referral Hospital, Jakarta
    Muhamad Iman Nugraha (Indonesia)*, Prasenohadi Prasenohadi, Mohamad Fahmi Alatas
AP11-579   A patient with COVID pneumonia presenting with bilateral lower limb weakness
    Sameera Gamlath (Sri Lanka)*, Ravini Karunathilake
AP11-580   Doege-Potter Syndrome: A Rare Paraneoplastic Syndrome of Solid Fibrous Tumors Reported in Indonesia
    Evelyn Nathania (Indonesia)*, Evelyn Nathania, Jahja Teguh Widjaja, Peter Syarief
AP11-581   Case of Re expansion pulmonary edema
    Lakmini Dassanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Amitha Fernando, Aflah Sadikeen, Ruwanthi Jayasekara, Madushanka Rathnayake
AP11-582   Development and validation of knowledge, attitudes and practices questionnaire on venous thromboembolism prophylaxis of internists in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines
    Jellicoe Maine Asuncion-Lugtu (Philippines)*, Dayan Kristel Guce, Angela Apostol-Alday
AP11-583   Clinical outcomes and health-related quality of life of patients admitted at the medical intensive care unit of Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
    Kelly Ann Suanding (Philippines)*, Maria Lowella De Leon
AP11-584   Association between ICU outcomes of prior systemic corticosteroids in pneumonia
    Seohyun Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Tai Joon An, Yun-Hee Lee, Sung Hwan Jeong, Jun-Pyo Myong, Hyoung Kyu Yoon
AP11-585   Risk of incident atrial fibrillation after a prior critical illness: novel insights nto psychocardiology
    Weisyun Hu (Taiwan)*
AP11-586   Porcine simulation model for training ECMO for severe acute respiratory failure
    Joon Han Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Myung Jin Song, Sung Yoon Lim, Yeon-Joo Lee, Young-Jae Cho
AP11-587   Impact of Remote Antibiotic Consultations in Critically Ill Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic in Korea
    Sung Wook Kang (Republic of Korea)*, Cheon Woong Choi, Eun Kyoung Chung, Yeo Jin Choi, Hyeong Geun Jo
AP11-588   Clinical features and outcomes of aspiration pneumonia compared with non-aspiration pneumonia in nosocomial settings
    Sae Rom Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Ryoung-Eun Ko, Kyung Hoon Min, Sang-Bum Hong, Ae-Rin aek, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Woo Hyun Cho, Changhwan Kim, Youjin Chang, Sung-Soon Lee, Jee Youn Oh, Heung Bum Lee, Soohyun Bae, Jae Young Moon, Kwang Ha Yoo, Hyun-Il Gil, Beomsu Shin, Kyeongman Jeon
AP11-589   Corrosive tracheobronchial tree in an alcohol abuser with neglected drowning-associated-lung injury: a case report
    Nina Eristiana (Indonesia)*, Tina Reisa, Thariq Emyl Taufik Hasibuan
AP11-590   Clinical Profile and Outcomes of COVID19 confirmed cases with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Undergoing Prone Positioning at Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021
    Krizelle Acibal (Philippines)*, Noel Gomez, Portia Tanyag
AP11-591   Epiglottic Retroversion
    Seung Jun Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Manbong Heo, Jong Hwan Jeong, Jung Wan You, Sunmi Ju, Yu Ji Cho, Yi Yeong Jeong, Jong Deog Lee
AP11-592   Audit on oxygen use in covid hdu and non-hdu wards at a tertiary care centre
    Lakmini Dassanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Amitha Fernando, Ruwanthi Jayasekara, Himali Vitharana
Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques
AP12-613   A Novel Technique For Tracheoesophageal Fistula Closure
    Don Gregory Mascarenhas (India)*, Harikishan Gonuguntla, Roshan kumar Manoharlal, Nootangi Bhanuteja, Medhat Nabih Elnamaky
AP12-614   Interventional bronchoscopy for stent placement by rigid brochoscopy through tracheostomy. A case reports
    Anh Duc Hoang (Viet Nam)*, Van Giap Vu, Ngoc Du Nguyen, Ngoc Phu Dao
AP12-615   Balloon Bronchoplasty under conscious sedation and flexible bronchoscope: A feasible approach from initial experience of Malaysia
    Arvindran Alaga (Malaysia)*, Nurul Adilah Ahmad Nizam, Izzatul Nadzirah Ismail
AP12-616   Endobronchial removal of the peripherally located foreign body with the ultrathin bronchoscopy and ultrathin cryoprobe guided by a manual navigating method
    Mingli Yuan (China (Mainland))*, Yang Xiao, Fang Ni, Wen Yin, Yi Hu
AP12-617   Efficacy and safety of the transbronchial lung cryobiopsy: a single-center retrospective study in Japan.
    Yuichi Nagata (Japan)*, Tetsutaro Nagaoka, Yumi Kuroda, Saori Hotta, Tomoko Okuma, Koichi Masuda, Naho Sakamoto, Takayasu Nishimaki, Kana Kurokawa, Taichi Miyawaki, Tetsuhiko Asao, Ryota Kanemaru, Tomoyasu Mimori, Sachiko Kuriyama, Yoichiro Mitsuishi, Masako Ichikawa, Naoko Shimada, Takuo Hayashi, Kazuhisa Takahashi
AP12-618   The diagnostic yield of transbronchial lung biopsy (TBLB) using both radial endobronchial ultrasound (radial EBUS) and fluoroscopy in peripheral small lung nodule below 20mm.
    Eun Young Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Seung Hyun Yong
AP12-619   Tracheopathia osteochondroplastica - to biopsy or not to biopsy? A relook at the rare disease
    Avinash Anil Nair (India)*, Richa Gupta, Aparna Irodi, Ashwin Oliver, Divya Chandran, Prince James
AP12-620   Effects of patient-selected music and breathing control during bronchoscopy
    Napplika Kongpolprom (Thailand)*, Chayanon Vividhwara, Supinya Sukjit, Paphawee Chiarakiat, Patcharee Chawthanasit, Supawich Sornwanee, Nattaporn Sritippayawan
AP12-621   Feasibility and safety of electromagnetic navigation transthoracic needle aspiration under moderate sedation for the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules
    So Jeong Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Na Young Kim, Soojie Chung, Jeong Hee Choi, In Gyu Hyun, Hee-Sung Lee
AP12-622   Intrapleural Streptokinase and DNase: A cheaper alternative?
    Hema Yamini Ramarmuty (Malaysia)*, Sarvin Vignesh, Shan Min Lo, Kannan Sivaraman Kannan
AP12-623   Effects of patient-selected music and deep meditation music during bronchoscopy
    Napplika Kongpolprom (Thailand)*, Chayanon Vividhwara, Supinya Sukjit, Paphawee Chiarakiat, Patcharee Chawthanasit, Supawich Sornwanee, Nattaporn Sritippayawan
AP12-624   Study on the application of hybrid operation "one stapler plus one needle" to reduce the volume of giant emphysematous bulla
    Hua Zhang (China (Mainland))*, Wei Zhang, Guangwei Xue, Weiwei Xu, Changsheng Ge, Zhigang Zheng, Zongfang Li, Lei Wang, Jinming Yang, Jieliang Zhang, Renyan Zhao
AP12-625   Transbronchial lung cryobiopsy for diffuse and localized peripheral pulmonary lesions: A retrospective review of our early experience
    Chun Ian Soo (Malaysia)*, Boon Hau Ng, Mona Zaria Nasaruddin, Ummi Nadira Daut, Noorul Afidza Muhammad, Khai Lip Ng, Nur Husna Mohd Aminudin, Nai Chen Huan, Fatimah Azmah Mohammad, Sanusi Zulkifli, Hean Fui Liow, Muhammad Asyraf Abdul Onny, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Jamalul Azizi Abdul R
AP12-626   Ultrasound Guided Transthoracic Needle Biopsy : A Pulmonologist Perspective
    Haly Rozie Ahmad (Malaysia)*, Nagarani Naupa, Yu Kuan Tan, Megat Razeem Abdul Razak, Aishah Ibrahim, Soon Hin How
AP12-627   Clinical outcomes of cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions - a prospective pilot study
    Soo Han Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Jeongha Mok, Jung Seop Eom
AP12-628   Virtual bronchoscopy navigation combined with thin bronchoscope to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis: A randomised trial
    Jeongha Mok (Republic of Korea)*, Jung Seop Eom, Seyeon Park
AP12-629   Utility of endobronchial ultrasound guided re-biopsy of non-small cell lung cancer with acquired resistance after EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor
    Jin Mo Cho (Republic of Korea)*, Kyung Soo Hong, Kwan Ho Lee, Jin Hong Chung, Kyeong Cheol Shin, Eun Young Choi, Hyun Jung Jin, Jong Geol Jang, June Hong Ahn
Paediatric Lung Disease
AP13-630   A case report of an infant with congenital lobar emphysema at Angkor Hospital for Children
    Khe Muoy Um (Cambodia)*, Michael Wall, Sokchinda Kong, Pises Nget, Chanpeaktra Ngoun
AP13-631   LEGA-Kid® Efficacy and Safety in Children with Pneumonia
    Nur Izyani Abdul Halim (Malaysia)*, Asiah Kassim, Syuhadah Abd Rahman, Nur Haziqah Mohamed@Hizam, Sornaletchumi Koran, Sahrinah Mohd Shahardin, Karuthan Chinna, Jia Yueh Chong, Shangari Kunaseelan, Pazlida Pauzi, Udhaya Moorthy, Nanthini Mahalingam, N. Fafwati Faridatul Akmar Mohamed, Radhiyah Abdul Rashid, Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim
AP13-632   Lung metastatic of rhabmyosarcoma: report a case with delayed diagnosis of primary tumor due to COVID-19
    Tuan Anh Tran Thi (Viet Nam)*, Thanh Tuan Phan, Trung Tho Le
AP13-633   Multiple rib destructions as an extremely rare complication of Kasabach-Merritt syndrome in a-2-years old female child: A case report
    Citra Cesilia (Indonesia)*, Elmi Ridar, Hariadi Hatta, Andreas Makmur, Wiwit Ade Fw, Heda Melinda N Nataprawira
Respiratory Structure and Function
AP14-642   Bleomycin-induced fibrosis and the effectiveness of cantella asiatica as treatment
    Yabestin Alfrianus Pakpahan (Indonesia)*, Noni Novisari Soeroso, Muhammad Ichwan
AP14-643   Multi-data-integrated pulmonary function test reports in COPD patients
    So Yeon Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Yong Sik Park
AP14-644   The airway occlusion pressure (P0.1) after COVID-19
    Olga Savushkina (Russia)*, Alexander Cherniak
    Mikhail Chushkin (Russia)*, Daria Donchenko, Elena Krasnikova, Mammad Bagirov
AP14-645   Dynamic chest radiography as a rapid tool to assess thoracic dynamics following diaphragm plication surgery
    Thomas Simon FitzMaurice (United Kingdom)*, Caroline McCann, Ram Bedi, Dilip Nazareth, James Greenwood, Martin Walshaw
Pulmonary Circulation
AP15-650   A rare case of pulmonary arterio venous malformation.
    Madhushi Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)*, Chandana Dahanayaka, Ayesha Jayawardana, Pradeep Wijerathna, Malinda Hettiarachchi, Chandrike Ponnamperuma, Dhammika Rasnayake, Eshanth Perera
AP15-651   Rare cause of pulmonary hypertension
    Lakmini Dassanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Amitha Fernando, Ruwanthi Jayasekara, Madushanka Rathnayake, Ruwani Perera
AP15-652   Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation as a Cause of Embolic Stroke
    Boon Hau Ng (Malaysia)*, Hsueh Jing Low, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid, Prapatricca Shanmugam, Isa Azzaki Zainal
AP15-653   A case of definite hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia presenting as a refractory migraine
    Madushanka Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)*, Lakmini Dassanayake, Ruvanthi Jayasekara, Amitha Fernando, BMP Bandaranayake
AP15-654   Multimodalities in treating intermediate-high risk pulmonary embolism
    Muhammad Amin Ibrahim (Malaysia)*, Nadirah Abdul Wahid, Wong Soo Fen
AP015-655   Long-term results of surgical and medical treatment of pulmonary embolism
    Eugene Borodin (Russia)*, Anton Kazantsev, Alexander Korotkikh, Alina Zharova, Roman Lider, Elizaveta Kazantseva
Interstitial Lung Disease
AP16-688   Rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease associated with anti-NXP2 antibody
    Nataphon Wuthithepbuncha (Thailand)*, Viboon Boonsarngsuk, Jakkrit Laikitmongkhon, Pimpin Incharoen, Warawut Sukkasem
AP16-689   Efficacy of Low-Dose Nintedanib in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a retrospective single institute analysis.
    Natsumi Watanabe (Japan)*, Yoshinori Tanino, Takefumi Nikaido, Yuki Sato, Ryuichi Togawa, Takaya Kawamaya, Naoko Fukuhara, Tomoyoshi Lee, Riko Sato, Takumi Onuma, Mikako Saito, Hikaru Tomita, Mami Rikimaru, Julia Morimoto, Yasuhito Suzuki, Hiroyuki Minemura, Junpei Saito, Kenya Kanazawa, Yoko Shibata
AP16-690   The Impact of MDT meetings and addition of Clinical Pathway on diagnosis and cost analysis in DPLD patients from two tertiary centers in Klang Valley.
    Giritharan Muniandy (Malaysia)*, Andrea Ban, Faisal Abdul Hamid, Boon Hau Ng, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Syazatul Syakirin Sirol Aflah, Aniza Ismail, Shahrir Mohamed Said, Imree Azmi, Zuhanis Abdul Hamid
AP16-691   Double whammy: a case of post severe COVID pneumonia - anti mda 5 associated interstitial lung disease
    Wang Jie Tan (Malaysia)*, Noorul Afidza, Mona Zaria, Chiou Perng Lee, Jamalul Azizi
AP16-692   Organizing pneumonia in patients who are in post COVID state or develop late onset symptoms of COVID-19
    Chang-Seok Yoon (Republic of Korea)*, Jae-Kyeong Lee, Young-Ok Na, Hwa Kyung Park, Bo Gun Kho, Ha Young Park, Tae-Ok Kim, Hong-Joon Shin, Yong-Soo Kwon, Yu-Il Kim, Sung-Chul Lim
AP16-693   Rare case of acute exacerbations of post COVID-19 interstitial lung disease
    Lakmini Dassanayake (Sri Lanka)*, Amitha Fernando, Ruwanthi Jayasekara, Madushanka Rathnayake
AP16-694   Sarcoidosis associated pulmonary artery stenosis and pulmonary hypertension - A Challenging case
    Arthihai Srirangan (Sri Lanka)*, Niranjan Chandramal, Asha Samaranayake, Ravini Karunathilaka
AP16-695   Assessment of disease severity of diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) patients by 6-minute walk test (6MWT)
    Mamun Newaz (Bangladesh)*, Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmad, Mohammad Aminul Islam, Hena Khatun, Mohammad Tuhiduzzaman, Anal Chandra Das, Sharmin Afroze, Sharmin Sultana
AP16-696   Are blood vessels a target organ for sarcoidosis?
    Evgeniy Shchepikhin (Russia)*, Evgeniy Shmelev, Anna Zaitseva
AP16-697   Peripheral blood monocyte count as a prognostic biomarker in idiopathic interstitial pneumonia other than idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    Yuki Sato (Japan)*, Yoshinori Tanino, Takefumi Nikaido, Ryuichi Togawa, Takaya Kawamata, Natsumi Watanabe, Naoko Fukuhara, Tomoyoshi Lee, Riko Sato, Takumi Onuma, Hikaru Tomita, Mikako Saito, Mami Rikimaru, Julia Morimoto, Yasuhito Suzuki, Hiroyuki Minemura, Junpei Saito, Kenya Kanazawa, Yoko Shibata
AP16-698   VISTA is a novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    Hee-Young Yoon (Republic of Korea)*, Ganghee Chae, Sang Eun Lee, Su-jin Moon, Jin Woo Song
AP16-699   Plasma adiokines predict diagnosis and prognosis in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    Ju Hyun Oh (Republic of Korea)*, Ganghee Chae, Su-Jin Moon, Jin Woo Song
AP16-700   The Efficacy of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    Ji Hoon Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Hee Eun Choi, Jae Ha Lee
AP16-701   Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome in Korean family with a Novel Folliculin Gene Mutation
    Yon Ju Ryu (Republic Of Korea)*, Jiyeon Bae
AP16-702   Usefulness of software-based quantification for a computed tomography image analysis in patients with combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema
    Yoshiaki Kitaguchi (Japan)*, Takumi Kinjo, Yusuke Suzuki, Norihiko Goto, Masamichi Komatsu, Fumika Ueno, Yosuke Wada, Masanori Yasuo, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Kiyoyasu Fukushima, Masayuki Hanaoka
AP16-703   Benefits of Systemic Corticosteroid in Post-COVID-19 Interstitial Lung Disease.
    Yun Seok Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Tai Joon An, Ye Jin Lee, Ji Eun Park, Eung Gu Lee, Youlim Kim, Sung-Yoon Kang, Hyonsoo Joo, Joon Young Choi
AP16-704   Broncho-obstructive syndrome (BOS) in patients with different forms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP).
    Galina Kuklina (Russia)*, Evgeny Shmelev
AP16-705   Single time point scores for predicting 1-year progression and 5-year overall survival in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: A validation study of Imaging Signature IPF (IS-IPF)
    Kyungjong Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Ju Hyun Oh, S. Samuel Weight, Jonathan Goldin, Bianca Villages, Jin Woo Song, Grace Hyun J. Kim
AP16-706   RNA-recognizing immune sensor regulates bleomycin-induced activation of macrophages, lymphocytes, and neutrophils and subsequent lung fibrosis
    Takashi Ishii (Japan)*, Yusuke Murakami, Tomoya Narita, Takahide Nagase, Naomi Yamashita
AP16-707   The analysis of the effect of statin therapy on the clinical course of IPF
    Seung Hoon Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Shin Young Kim, So Hyang Song, Chi Hong Kim, Sung Kyoung Kim
AP16-708   Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Prevalence and Predictive Factors
    Ji Hoon Jang (Republic of Korea)*, Hyun Kuk Kim, Jae Ha Lee
AP16-709   Importance of clinical history of antigen exposure and anti-Trichosporon asahii antibody evaluation for diagnosis of summer-type hypersensitivity pneumonitis in patients with chronic interstitial lung diseases
    Takaya Kawamata (Japan)*, Yoshinori Tanino, Takefumi Nikaido, Yuki Sato, Ryuichi Togawa, Natsumi Watanabe, Naoko Fukuhara, Tomoyoshi Lee, Riko Sato, Takumi Onuma, Hikaru Tomita, Mikako Saito, Mami Rikimaru, Yasuhito Suzuki, Hiroyuki Minemura, Junpei Saito, Kenya Kanazawa, Yoko Shibata
AP16-710   Clinical significance of vitamin D deficiency in lung transplant recipients
    Min Seo Ki (Republic of Korea)*, Ala Woo, Song Yee Kim, Moo Suk Park, Young Sam Kim, Ha Eun Kim, Jin Gu Lee, Hyo Chae Paik
AP16-711   Polymyxin-B hemoperfusion in patients with acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; A single center prospective pilot study
    Min Jee Kim (Republic of Korea)*, Jiyoul Yang, Jin Woo Song
AP16-712   COVID-19 vaccine-related pneumonitis in Korea
    Ji Young Park (Republic of Korea)*, Joo-Hee Kim, Sunghoon Park, Yong Il Hwang, Hwan Il Kim, Ki-Suck Jung, Seung Hun Jang
AP16-713   Oleanolic acid acetate alleviates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice
    Jae-Wan Jung (Republic of Korea)*, Ki-Eun Hwang, Chul Park, Hyun Lim, Joo-Un Park, Ui-Ri An, Hak-Ryul Kim
AP16-714   Evaluation of fibrocytes in silica-induced and bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis model in mice by single cell RNA-seq analysis
    Kazuya Koyama (Japan)*, Seidai Sato, Hiroshi Kawano, Atsushi Mitsuhashi, Kojin Murakami, Yuya Yamashita, Keiko Haji, Kozo Kagawa, Hirohisa Ogawa, Yasuhiko Nishioka
AP16-715   New prognostic scoring system for mortality in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis modifying the GAP model with desaturation during six-minute walk test
    Jae Ha Lee (Republic of Korea)*, Ji Hoon Jang, Moo Suk Park
AP16-716   Longitudinal evaluation of patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis with lower level of serum VEGF-D.
    Masaki Hirose (Japan)*, Toru Arai, Takayuki Takimoto, Yoshikazu Inoue
AP16-717   Pulmonary fibrosis in critically ill patients with COVID-19: prevalence and outcome : A multicentre retrospective cohort study in South Korea
    Dae Hong Cho (Republic of Korea)*, Ganghee Chae, Junghyun Kim, Joon-Sung Joh, Tae Yun Park, Ae-Rin Baek, Won-Young Kim, Yang Jin Jegal, Chi Ryang Chung, Jinwoo Lee, Joo Hun Park, Jae Wook Lee, Soyeoun Lim, Jin Woo Song


Luncheon Symposium
Luncheon Symposium 7 12:50-13:50 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Chair Hyoungkyu Yoon (Yeouido ST. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-13:50 LS07-1 SAD in Asthma
    Omar S Usmani (National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London, United Kingdom)


Luncheon Symposium 8 12:50-13:50 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Progressive Pulmonary Fibrosis - Management Strategies in Clinical Practice
Chair Jin Woo Song (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-12:55   Welcome & Introduction
12:55-13:15 LS08-1 Diagnosis and Monitoring in Progressive Pulmonary Fibrosis
    Sun Mi Choi (Seoul National University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
13:15-13:40 LS08-2 Current treatment approaches in Progressive Pulmonary Fibrosis and treatment initiation criteria with RWE patient cases
    Toby Maher (University of Southern California, U.S.A.)
13:25-13:45 Discussion Sun Mi Choi (Seoul National University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
Toby Maher (University of Southern California, U.S.A.)
13:45-13:50   Summary & Conclusion


Luncheon Symposium 9 12:50-13:50 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Airway Disease - In-depth Review of Mucus
Chair Seong Yong Lim (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-13:50 LS09-1 Recent Update Chronic Bronchitis
    Chin Kook Rhee (Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Luncheon Symposium 10 12:50-13:50 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Severe Asthma
Chair Joo Hun Park (Ajou University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-13:50 LS10-1 ‘First Do No Harm’: Using Biomarkers and Biologics to Minimize Systemic Steroid Exposure in Asthma 
    David Jackson (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, King’s College London, United Kingdom)


Luncheon Symposium 11 12:50-13:50 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
Chair Sung Yong Lee (Korea University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-13:50 LS11-1 Reimagine More TOMORROWs Together with Pembrolizumab in the 1st-line mNSCLC Treatment
    Seong-Hoon Yoon (Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Republic of Korea)


Luncheon Symposium 12 12:50-13:50 202 + 203 (2F)
Chair Yeon-Mok Oh (University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
12:50-13:40 LS12-1 Simplified Triple Therapy for Asthma
    Kenneth R. Chapman (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, Canada)
13:40-13:50   Q&A


Evening Symposium
Evening Symposium 7 17:30-18:30 Grand Ballroom 101 (1F)
Chair Young Sam Kim (Yonsei University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-18:30 ES07-1 How Rapid Multiplex PCR Technology Revolutionizes Antimicrobial Stewardship for Pneumonia Management and Values in Post-pandemic Era
    Vanya Gant (University College London Hospital, United Kingdom)


Evening Symposium 8 17:30-18:30 Grand Ballroom 102 (1F)
Chair Do-Jin Kim (Soon Chun Hyang University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-18:30 ES08-1 The Role of Sublingual Allergen Specific Immunotherapy in the Treatment of House Dust Mite Driven Asthma
    Eike Wüstenberg (ALK Corporate Headquarter, Vice President Medical Affairs, Denmark)


Evening Symposium 9 17:30-18:30 Grand Ballroom 103 (1F)
Chair Yong Bum Park (Hallym University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-17:55 ES09-1 A Benefit/Risk Analysis of Regular Maintenance vs. Infrequent or As-needed Inhaled Corticosteroid Use in Asthma
    Nobert Berend (University of Sydney, Australia)
17:55-18:20 ES09-2 Role of lama and benefit of single inhaler triple therapy in Asthma
    Gregory King (Royal North Shore Hospital, Australia)
18:20-18:30   Q&A


Evening Symposium 10 17:30-18:30 Grand Ballroom 104 (1F)
Chair Moo Suk Park (Yonsei University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-18:05 ES10-1 Pirfenidone in Progressive Fibrosing ILD
    Takafumi Suda (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan)
18:05-18:30 ES10-2 Efficacy of Lowe Dose Pirfenidone for the Treatment of IPF
    Yong Hyun Kim (Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Republic of Korea)


Evening Symposium 11 17:30-18:30 Grand Ballroom 105 (1F)
Chair Kwang Ha Yoo (Konkuk University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-18:30 ES11-1 Biological Treatment for Type 2 Severe Asthma: The Role and Contribution of IL-4/IL-13
    Nicola Hanania (Baylor College of Medicine, U.S.A.)


Evening Symposium 12 17:30-18:30 202 + 203 (2F)
Chair Kye Young Lee (Konkuk University School of Medicine, Republic of Korea)
17:30-18:30 ES12-1 Oncogene Driven NSCLC: Targeted Therapies, Lessons Learnt & Future Directions
    Sai-Hong Ignatius (University of California, U.S.A.)


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