Presentation Guideline

Notification of result

Notification of result (Accept/ Reject) were sent by email to the presenting authors.

- Notification of Result of the Oral/Poster Presentation

- Notification of Result of the Late-breaking the Oral/Poster Presentation

Registration of the Presenting Author

The APSR offers a variety of award opportunities(cf. Sponsorships) for those presenting their research at the annual congress.

The Awardee must register for the Congress before their individual "27th September (cut-off date)".
The cut-off date will be provided by the Congress Secretariat after their abstract has been accepted. This date will be earlier than the usual registration deadline, to enable the Programme schedule to be compiled and awards to be considered.

We move forwards the schedule of the deadline for presenters' registration "cut-off date" to 27th September we can complete candidates as quickly as possible. So please use your initial Early-Bird Extended CODE to complete registration ASAP.

* The Late-breaking abstract submitter and the missing the early bird registration cut-off date presenters have a last chance to be a APSR 2022 Presenter, please registration until the 7th October (the final CUT-OFF DATE).
* In principle, the Late-break abstract applicants and the abstract presenters registered after 27th September are excluded from the APSR awards.

Early-Brid Extension CODE for the Presenters

* the code available from 17th September to 27th September (the Cut–off date)
If you have submitted other abstracts, those will be evaluated separately. Your submissions are appreciated, and you are encouraged to attend the Congress to benefit fully from the experience.
* Notification of the deadline of the “CUT-OFF DATE” if the presenters' registration will be different discount rate (based on the information that you checked during the submission of the abstract)

Change of Presenting Author

At least one author of the above abstract (oral/Poster) is required to register for the Congress before the 27th September at the APSR 2022 website. If the presenting author fails to register for the Congress by that deadline, the abstract may be rejected without notification

If the presenting author is unable to attend due to an emergency, they must notify the Congress Secretariat immediately, with the Abstract ID, Title, Presenting Author’s name, whether oral or poster, and whether the abstract qualified for any travel grant. Please note that award will not be transferred to the substitute, a co-author.

Confirmation of Attendance and Change of Presenting Author

If the presenting author is unable to attend the Congress due to an emergency, the presenting author must notify the APSR 2022 Seoul Congress immediately. This policy is also applicable to travel grant awardees.

Presenting Arthur Reminder

The final reminder will be given 15 days before the Congress.

  1. a. All presenting authors of accepted abstracts must register for the Congress to be published in the Congress program book.
    * Sponsorships and travel Awards information is HERE
  2. b. Abstracts accepted and presented during the Congress will be published in a supplement of Respirology, known as the Abstract Book.
  3. c. The presenting author of the abstract must register for the Congress before 27th September (NOT until 10th October) so that their abstracts can be published in the supplement of Respirology or Congress Guide.
  4. Oral presenting authors must put the disclosure slide into their presentation slides.
    Poster presenting authors must decorate the disclosure slide on their posters.
    Download: Template_APSR_Disclosure_Slides_16x9
Publication of Abstracts

All abstracts which were accepted and presented at the Congress will be published in a special supplement of Respirology, the official journal of the APSR.
The supplement is published as free access on Wiley Online Library.
Abstracts are categorized according to the manner of presentation – oral or poster – and the topic category.
All accepted-presented abstracts should be appeared like below.

  1. oral presentation in full (abstract + all authors’ names + organizations), in group by assembly/topic
    poster presentation in full (abstract + all authors’ names + organizations), in group by assembly/topic

The abstracts can also include one supporting figure, picture, or table given by the authors.

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