Announcement on K-ETA

K-ETA is an electronic travel authorization that visa-free foreign visitors need to obtain before entering the Republic of Korea, by submitting relevant information online such as their travel information.

Purpose of travel should be tourism, visiting a family member, participating in events or meetings, or commercial business (excluding pursuit of profit). Starting May 2021, you can travel to Korea more conveniently and safely by getting your K-ETA.

Following the implementation of K-ETA since September 1st 2021, nationals of 112 countries/regions who were eligible for visa-free entry now should apply for K-ETA for the issuance of the boarding pass. However, due to COVID-19, currently, ONLY ① nationals of 107 countries/regions visa-free entry is available and ② ‘Priority Entry(Business) Persons’ of the 5 visa-free entry suspended countries/regions as an exception can apply for K-ETA.

Please regularly check the official K-ETA website( or mobile app to find which countries/regions are visa-free entry and eligible for requiring K-ETA.

K-ETA authorization is generally valid for multiple trips over a period of two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. (Application fee – 10,000KRW/person)

Those who have obtained K-ETA permission are exempted from filling out the entry form when entering the country, so they can conveniently undergo immigration.

Please note that the information entered cannot be modified once the application is submitted. In case of submitting incorrect application, you need to re-apply for K-ETA. Make sure all information is filled in correctly before making a payment.

Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending of the situation (ex, an increased number of K-ETA applications, applicants’ circumstances, etc.).

K-ETA is NOT a visa. K-ETA approval does not guarantee admission to the Republic of Korea. A Korea Immigration Service officer at a port of entry will have the final determination.

K-ETA Center is providing foreign language consultation in English, Russian, and Thai. Please leave your inquiries through the official K-ETA website [ – Notice – Questions]. (Weekdays from 09:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00 KST)

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