• Kazuhisa Takahashi

    Juntendo University Japan [Auditorium (3F)] : 11:10~11:40 (Video Recording) [JRS Symposium] Presidential Lecture Challenge to overcome drug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer
  • Gregory P Downey

    University of Colorado School of Medicine U.S.A. [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:40-09:10 Invited Lecture Role of Proteinases and the Extracellular Matrix in ARDS Pathobiology
  • Jae-Joon Yim

    Seoul National University College of Medicine South Korea [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:10~08:40 Keynote Lecture Shorter Treatment for Tuberculosis: Where Do We Stand?
  • Anne Chang

    Menzies School of Health Research, Queensland University of Technology Australia [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:40-09:10 Memorial Lecture [Ann Janet Woolcock Research Award] Why Improve the Management of Chronic Cough in Children Through Clinical Care and Research?
  • Chong-Jen Yu

    National Taiwan University College of Medicine Taiwan [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:10~08:40 Memorial Lecture [Michiyoshi Harasawa Research Award] Chronic lung diseases: COPD and bronchiectasis
  • David C.L. Lam

    The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:40-09:10 Presidential Lecture Lung Cancer – Highlights on the Journey from Screening and Early Detection Through to Management
  • Carlos Robalo Cordeiro

    Coimbra University Hospital Portugal [Auditorium (3F)] : 08:10~08:40 Presidential Lecture Management of Progressive Fibrotic ILD


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